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SAP PP - Production Planning... Part-3/3

This article is the last of the series of three articles on Overview of SAP PP (Production Planning). Please find the link to the first one and second one here. The series covers the basic theory and concepts around Production Planning module (or Plan-to-Produce business scenario, as frequently called). Continuing our discussion with the concept of Scheduling...

SAP PP - Production Planning... Part 2/3

This article is the second of the series of three articles on Overview of SAP PP (Production Planning). Please find the link to the first one here. The series will cover basic theory and concepts around Production Planning module (or Plan-to-Produce business scenario, as frequently called). Continuing our discussion on planning strategies appplicable to Make-to-Stock production scenario...

SAP PP - Production Planning... Part-1/3

Keeping the spirit behind the theme of "SAP simplified" for this blog and to include more areas for wider audience, I thought of writing the present series of three articles on SAP PP (Production Planning). The discussion will cover basic theory and concepts around Production Planning module (or Plan-to-Produce business scenario, as frequently called). Best suitable for the people from Manufacturing background. Enjoy !

Web Dynpro

Web Dynpro is the new User Interface (UI) programming model from SAP. It was launched as a technical component of SAP Netweaver platform and is aimed as a replacement of the popular and generally used classic SAP GUI technology in the long-term.

A Brief History of Web Dynpro: The Driving Forces

(First article of the series: Web Dynpro) I first encountered the term Web Dynpro in the book - ABAP Objects, co-authored by Horst Keller and Sascha Kruger, (I believe it dated back to year 2000) – that SAP is developing the new UI technology called Web Dynpro which sounded far distant. Probably that time around SAP started the project. All development in SAP R/3 embedded business logic within SAP screens, which posed serious limitation to its use by external systems. SAP needed to separate business logic from presentation (UI) logic so as to make the applications independent of any client-software.

Web Dynpro: Reusability

(Fifth article of the series: Web Dynpro) Developing a web-application using HTML and Java script requires the developer to be careful, client-conscious and device-conscious. SAP introduced BSP technology (Business Server Pages) before Web Dynpro and it offered the flexibility to write the html and java script code alongside ABAP code and design the user-interface look and feel the way developer desired. Many developers were happy as they had more control over things and could be more creative.

Web Dynpro: Declarative Programming and Model-Driven Architecture

(Fourth article of the series: Web Dynpro) The Web Dynpro framework helps to create applications using declarative programming techniques based on MVC architecture. MVC Architecture helps in separating the user interface (visual component) from the business logic. Declarative programming techniques simplify the UI development. The developer just needs to specify the GUI elements (input field, drop-boxes, radio-buttons, etc.) on the user screen independent of the client (PC, Laptop, Mobile, etc.) and where those elements send to or get their data from.

Web Dynpro: Abstraction and Rendering

(Third article of the series: Web Dynpro) The web dynpro framework (WDF) allows for building an abstract description of the application. This description is abstract as it is not programming language dependent and just has information about the application – the metadata. The metadata is stored in XML format. This metadata code is generated automatically by the framework once the application is built. Naturally it is recognized by and conforms to standards of WDF.

Web Dynpro: MVC Architecture

(Second article of the series: Web Dynpro) When SAP decided to follow MVC Architecture for , it was a great hit with Java based applications. It became proven path for business applications. There are great advantages offered by the paradigm. MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture helps in organizing complex projects through easy development and maintenance while protecting important data. What is it and how it does that?

SAP ABAP Programming

Please find links to my articles on SAP ABAP in an organized way. ABAP is the programming language of SAP and is a language of long-standing tradition. It has history of around 35 years of evolution. I have included resources helpful in learning the language. Even if your interests lie somewhere else in the area of SAP, it's a good idea to get some basic understanding of this area. Knowledge of ABAP basics can give you an edge in other SAP areas. Though a minimum amount of ABAP knowledge is becoming a trend in the industry, but if you are a business process expert / functional consultant with fairly good SAP ABAP knowledge, you are distinguished as techno-functional consultant.

SAP HANA: In-memory computing

SAP HANA platform is the part of SAP's in-memory computing strategy. SAP has set goal of availability of business data anytime(in-memory computing), anywhere(on-demand) and on any device to its customers.

SAP News

Know what's making news in the world of SAP. The SAP News page features the major stories pulled by Google News about SAP from various news sources around the world.

Breaking into SAP Career

SAP Careers are among the top ones in IT (barring a few like enterprise architecture). It has attracted people from all sort of background for a long time. A decade and a half back, it was easy to start a career in SAP. SAP was capturing market very fast and there was requirement of skill which was not easily available in the market.

mysap HR Technical Principles and Programming

Authors: Ewald Brochhausen, Jürgen Kielisch, Jürgen Scherring, Jens Staeck

SAP ABAP Books for You

During my course of career, I came across many ABAP books. Here I am writing my reviews on some of the best of these. This write-up can help you to make a choice as per your need. All these books cover different aspects of ABAP programming language. Only ABAP Objects and Next Generation ABAP Development overlap on some advanced topics. Actually latter stands upon the foundation of the former as the name itself suggests.

Next Generation ABAP Development

"Next Generation ABAP Development" is co-authored by Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung. The book is for experienced developers and discusses advanced concepts of SAP ABAP programming. The authors take the reader through a hypothetical project happening at a university. The fictional developer assesses and explores different technologies newly added to the language to implement the requirements on hand.

ABAP Objects

ABAP Objects -the book on modern ABAP - is co-authored by Dr. Horst Keller and Sascha Kruger. To give you a background, there was a book 'ABAP Objects - An Introduction to Programming SAP Applications' published way back in year 2000 from the same authors.

SAP Flight Data Model

SAP Flight Data Model is a simplified form of a flight booking system, which comes with SAP system for demonstration purposes. This model is used to demonstrate many features and the capabilities of ABAP programming language. For example, it is used in SAP Help files, ABAP training classes and various online resources. The flight data model has a set of relational database tables linked by Foreign key relationships.

SAP ERP Training: Overview Courses

There are a wide range of SAP ERP Training offerings. They are domain-specific on the business consulting side and may belong to different areas on the technical side. In case you are unable to make up your mind which application area or technical area you want to go for, SAP offers Overview courses.

SAP ABAP Certification

The topic of certification is discussed in the section SAP Certification in detail. So let me just brief it and focus on SAP ABAP certification. SAP offers a full suite of training programs / courses and certifications. If you enroll and pass a certification exam, you are SAP Certified consultant for that area. It also provides you a logo you can use in your signature at the end of mail or your profile.

SAP ABAP : Making a career decision?

If you are from a background of programming from your education and/or your working experience and want to switch over, SAP ABAP is a good choice. If you approach and follow it correctly, you may become the specialist of an area. We will discus it a little later.

Introduction to ABAP: SAP Programming language

If you want to learn ABAP: SAP programming language, this discussion gives you an introduction with the historical perspective. By the end of this section you will have a fair idea of "What is ABAP" 

SAP Certification

If you are thinking about SAP certification, it is time to gather some information and brainstorm. You want answers to questions like – "Is it worth going for?" and "Can a beginner expect to land in her/his first SAP job after getting certified?"

SAP Certification Options

SAP website is a good starting point for exploring your SAP Certificate options. It has country-specific information for any Certification focus area. Follow the link: SAP Certification Levels and Focus Areas. The following screen-shot displays a part of the webpage that opens :

SAP Education

SAP Education - the training arm of SAP - offers certification exams in many countries. They can be taken by SAP customers, Partners, Independent consultants and Beginners, who have no SAP knowledge.

SAP Training Courses

This discussion focuses on SAP training courses offered by SAP Education - the training and education arm of SAP - providing learning solutions for its products and services. Oftenly SAP customers opt for SAP training courses for their employees from its offerings based on project requirements. Several IT consulting companies also arrange training for their employees in a bid to provide competent consulting services to their clients. The training cost is born by the companies who pay SAP for its course offering. Since it's a huge cost for these companies, they also try to make up for the training requirements using internal skilled professionals or quality third parties as far as possible. These SAP learning solutions are available for individuals too. Individuals pursue these courses to get into SAP consulting or to enhance their career in the present organization, etc.

SAP Knowledgebase

There are numerous online SAP resources for everybody whether beginner or expert which constitute the vast SAP knowledge-base. I am listing a few which can be helpful to you and will keep on updating this list.

SAP Help Portal

SAP Help Portal stores documentation for SAP products and other related information. The help documentation can be very useful for beginners to explore the features of SAP software. This article will guide you how to navigate through the SAP Help portal for information you require. There is vast information out there as vast as the SAP software is. So the advice is: don't be lost and remain specific in what you are looking for.

SAP Forum: SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network SAP has a great social media - SAP Community network. And it's one of the best in the enterprise software industry. If you go there as a beginner, the vast information out there may seem to be intimidating. But if you take your time in understanding the organization of information and content and develop an interest, it will surely be rewarding in your SAP journey.

Free SAP Training Part-4

After our initial discussion about SAP Easy Access screen in Part-3 of Free SAP Training series, lets discuss the last few things about it. The SAP Easy Access screen can be customized to some extent to show/hide certain features. The below image captures these features to achieve some degree of personalization.

Free SAP Training Part-3

In Part-2 of the Free SAP Training series, you learnt how to log on to your SAP system and arrive at SAP Easy Access screen. In this article I will discuss about the structure of SAP Easy Access screen and the significance of various elements on the screen.

When you log on to the SAP system, you get the screen below. Let me first begin with the Application toolbar of the SAP Easy Access screen. The Application toolbar has buttons 1-6 and 10.

Free SAP Training Part-2

This part of our Free SAP Training series is SAP GUI for the simple reason that it is your interface with the SAP system. Though the modern SAP system deploys web interface too using Web Dynpro and BSP technology, the interface in the back-end system is Classic SAP GUI and is of interest to us as beginners. Without going into further details, which I have dealt with in other articles here, let us quickly explore the SAP GUI so that you can start using the SAP software!

Free SAP Training Part-1

This article is first of the series: Free SAP Training. Here I have put together very basic information for those who want to learn SAP from scratch. It's not a training program as such but it helps you in logging on to SAP system and understand various elements of SAP GUI. It also points to SAP learning resources directly from SAP. From there onward, you can continue on your own with the help of the SAP tutorials available online.

SAP IDES: The SAP Model Company

What is SAP IDES? How is it helpful in exploring SAP software? Why is it a part of any SAP training? As a beginner you need to understand the difference between two available options: SAP IDES and miniSAP (or ABAP Developer version).

What is ERP

What is ERP? What does ERP stand for? Check this discussion about the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning. And what benefits the ERP Software packages accrue to organizations...


SAP R3 - as was commonly called before the advent of SAP ECC - refers to a 3-tier architecture from the Software-oriented view and is still an integral part of various SAP solutions including SAP ERP...

In the beginning of 1970s, when SAP started business, there were big computers and only big business organizations or some research labs could afford them. Everything including database, application software and user interface was on this one big machine. SAP was a start-up company and had introduced its Finanical Accounting software. It is called R/1 now as SAP picked this nomenclature down the line. 'R' stood for Real Time Data Processing - which was (and is) at the heart of the SAP software.

What is SAP

An SAP Newbie?... and Wondering "What is SAP?"... In this article, I have tried to demystify the area and the jargon around for beginners. At the same time, SAP professionals too may find some information helpful in broadening their understanding.

SAP ERP System: How to connect and logon

This is the third article in the series of the three articles guiding you to setup and connect to an SAP ERP system. SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP Server. The second article helps to Download SAP GUI software and install it on your system. If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don't have one, you can check my article Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to configure your connection...

Download SAP GUI

This is the second article in the series of three articles: SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP ERP System (third article of the series). If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don't have one, you can check the first article in the series: Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to download SAP GUI software and install it on your system...

SAP Server Access

This is the first article in the series of the three articles to guide you to setup SAP Server access on your system to a remote SAP ERP system. It will help you find the free stuff. The remaining two will help you setup front-end software called SAP GUI using which you can connect to your remote SAP ERP system...

The Classical SAP GUI interface

In the early 90s, with the advent of personal computers, a major technological shift happened like the kind of we are seeing currently - from PCs/Laptop to hand-held devices.

Coming from the main-frame era into the new world of personal computers, SAP developed the UI technology to make use of local PC resources. It launched its highly popular and successful SAP R/3 product which had SAP GUI software for the user interface.

In the following images, you can see the SAP Logon Pad icon on the user desktop :

SAP ERP Software: Evolution

We need to talk in terms of SAP Releases. Let us start with SAP R/3 phase in the evolution of SAP ERP software discussed there. Referring to the different releases may be difficult in the beginning but you will benefit greatly by going beyond this small pain area to broaden our understanding of the SAP ERP software. And the figure above will guide us going forward.

SAP for Dummies

SAP for Dummies: Check this discussion which explains the objectives and use of SAP Software. And why is SAP software the world’s leading ERP software package?

Now that SAP is the industry leader in the Enterprise solutions, people have heard about it though the term SAP carries different meanings to different people. I keep on meeting people outside SAP circles who know little or nothing about it. Some think it is an Accounting Software. For others, it's an ERP software package but not knowing what exactly the ERP aspect means. Looking at what SAP software aims to achieve and which areas it serves, a newbie has seen or heard about only one of its many facets.

Introduction to SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is delivered with integrated enterprise applications - a family of SAP solutions for the customers who want a full range of SAP applications and for Branding and Marketing purpose too.

SAP Business Suite applications provide better insight and visibility (of information) across different departments and business silos which helps the enterprises to make better and faster decisions. The improved operational efficiency and effectiveness eliminates process bottlenecks.

SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) is at the core of the SAP Business Suite highlighted in red rectangle in the figure below and discussed in more detail later in Evolution of SAP ERP Software.

SAP Careers

Do SAP skills bring good employment opportunities? How will SAP careers perform globally in the coming years?

SAP careers have always been sought after. The reason being SAP skills are high demand skill-set across the IT sector. Market experts expect increase in the requirement of SAP professionals (SAP Analysts and Programmers) in the coming years and only differ on the quantum of this increase.

SAP Definition & Jargon

SAP Definition for its various products. Know what does it mean by SAP ERP,  Business Suite, mySAP, Netweaver, etc. This article is a Quick reference for SAP definition / terms used in the SAP family of solutions. Handy if you are looking for a single place for the SAP terminology:

History of SAP Acquisitions

In 4 decades of history of SAP, it has made three major acquisitions till now - Business Object, Sybase and SuccessFactors - to fill the gaps in its product portfolio.

In the four decades of its history, SAP has made three major acquisitions till now. SAP had chosen to grow organically and was enthusiastic about its home-grown meticulously designed and engineered products and services while archrival Oracle’s desire to grow quickly resulted in an acquisition spree worth above $42-billion since 2005. SAP criticized Oracle for its acquisition strategy.

History of SAP

A brief history of SAP: Founded by five former IBM employees in year 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung (System Analysis and Program Development) with a vision of real-time data processing...

I have compiled the history of SAP here so that you can develop a perspective of the company. I have referred SAP website for writing this page.

ERP Business Software: A brief history

The modern day ERP Business Software automates the business processes in an organization. But the underlying concept was evolving for a long time beginning with MRP systems...