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SAP ERP Software: Evolution

We need to talk in terms of SAP Releases. Let us start with SAP R/3 phase in the evolution of SAP ERP software discussed there. Referring to the different releases may be difficult in the beginning but you will benefit greatly by going beyond this small pain area to broaden our understanding of the SAP ERP software. And the figure above will guide us going forward.

SAP for Dummies

SAP for Dummies: Check this discussion which explains the objectives and use of SAP Software. And why is SAP software the world’s leading ERP software package?

Now that SAP is the industry leader in the Enterprise solutions, people have heard about it though the term SAP carries different meanings to different people. I keep on meeting people outside SAP circles who know little or nothing about it. Some think it is an Accounting Software. For others, it's an ERP software package but not knowing what exactly the ERP aspect means. Looking at what SAP software aims to achieve and which areas it serves, a newbie has seen or heard about only one of its many facets.

Introduction to SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is delivered with integrated enterprise applications - a family of SAP solutions for the customers who want a full range of SAP applications and for Branding and Marketing purpose too.

SAP Business Suite applications provide better insight and visibility (of information) across different departments and business silos which helps the enterprises to make better and faster decisions. The improved operational efficiency and effectiveness eliminates process bottlenecks.

SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) is at the core of the SAP Business Suite highlighted in red rectangle in the figure below and discussed in more detail later in Evolution of SAP ERP Software.

SAP Careers

Do SAP skills bring good employment opportunities? How will SAP careers perform globally in the coming years?

SAP careers have always been sought after. The reason being SAP skills are high demand skill-set across the IT sector. Market experts expect increase in the requirement of SAP professionals (SAP Analysts and Programmers) in the coming years and only differ on the quantum of this increase.

SAP Definition & Jargon

SAP Definition for its various products. Know what does it mean by SAP ERP,  Business Suite, mySAP, Netweaver, etc. This article is a Quick reference for SAP definition / terms used in the SAP family of solutions. Handy if you are looking for a single place for the SAP terminology:

History of SAP Acquisitions

In 4 decades of history of SAP, it has made three major acquisitions till now - Business Object, Sybase and SuccessFactors - to fill the gaps in its product portfolio.

In the four decades of its history, SAP has made three major acquisitions till now. SAP had chosen to grow organically and was enthusiastic about its home-grown meticulously designed and engineered products and services while archrival Oracle’s desire to grow quickly resulted in an acquisition spree worth above $42-billion since 2005. SAP criticized Oracle for its acquisition strategy.

History of SAP

A brief history of SAP: Founded by five former IBM employees in year 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung (System Analysis and Program Development) with a vision of real-time data processing...

I have compiled the history of SAP here so that you can develop a perspective of the company. I have referred SAP website for writing this page.

ERP Business Software: A brief history

The modern day ERP Business Software automates the business processes in an organization. But the underlying concept was evolving for a long time beginning with MRP systems...