Introduction to SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is delivered with integrated enterprise applications - a family of SAP solutions for the customers who want a full range of SAP applications and for Branding and Marketing purpose too.

SAP Business Suite applications provide better insight and visibility (of information) across different departments and business silos which helps the enterprises to make better and faster decisions. The improved operational efficiency and effectiveness eliminates process bottlenecks.

SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) is at the core of the SAP Business Suite highlighted in red rectangle in the figure below and discussed in more detail later in Evolution of SAP ERP Software.

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SAP ERP is the classical ERP application and supports the essential business functions of a company. It is a minimum a customer can be interested in. It is the foundation. It is basically that part of the business that has to do with inside affairs of the company. You may call them back-office operations or business processes. These involve company employees only.

Then there are functions involving customers, suppliers, e-commerce, etc. You may call them the front-office functions. The business processes involving them are outside the scope of classical ERP model. SAP Business Suite applications like SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, etc. deal with such business processes as shown in the above figure.

For the customers who need extended business functions in other spheres like Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), Supply Change Management (SAP SCM), Strategic Relationship Management (SAP SRM), etc. may go for SAP Business Suite. Naturally the customers who don’t need such extended functions can stay with SAP ERP only.

These additional products in the SAP Business Suite are called New-dimensional products. Though they are not entirely new and some are available since 1990s as separately licensed product from SAP R/3. They were stand-alone solutions and independent of SAP R/3 though designed to inter operate with it and other non-SAP systems.

Under the brand-name of SAP Business Suite, the new-dimensional products were bundled together. Under one license, it is convenient for the customers who are interested in whole family of solutions instead of just SAP ERP solution. There is marketing angle to it also which comes from competition with arch rival Oracle.

These products are connected via well-defined interfaces and level of integration improving with every new release. The Business Suite applications integrate with other SAP and non-SAP applications.

As a recap of what we discussed, you can go through this presentation. I came across this presentation on and found it useful. But you don't need to go through every detail, just follow the essence -what we discussed till now and enjoy your peace of mind:-)

Closing Note

Hope by now you have a fair idea of "What is SAP?" If you don’t understand everything, it’s okay. When you cover some distance on your SAP journey, come back here again and you will understand it in greater depth.

All this development around SAP ECC and SAP Business Suite was inclusion of more and more areas involving the entire range of business processes under the umbrella of SAP offerings. The advances in web technology led to development of technical products of SAP Netweaver platform.

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