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Do SAP skills bring good employment opportunities? How will SAP careers perform globally in the coming years?

SAP careers have always been sought after. The reason being SAP skills are high demand skill-set across the IT sector. Market experts expect increase in the requirement of SAP professionals (SAP Analysts and Programmers) in the coming years and only differ on the quantum of this increase.

Let us look at this question from two perspectives and discuss them one by one:

1. Growth and performance of SAP in the ERP or broadly, enterprise solutions market and,
2. Effect of Global economy and its result on IT investment decisions by companies.

SAP is the world’s largest producer of business solutions and third largest software company. SAP has captured most of the ERP market and we can reasonably expect that almost all major customers will not only continue to use its solutions but upgrade and enhance their SAP infrastructure based on their needs.

There was a time when SAP was only for large companies, mostly Fortune 500 companies. In the last decade, SAP started to broaden its market to include medium and small industries also and it is fast growing in these segments also.

The product portfolio of SAP has also grown with time against a few standalone systems like R/3, CRM, etc a decade back. Now it is a whole family of enterprise applications - SAP Business Suite which includes solutions for all business needs ranging from ERP to analytics, process integration to people collaboration and so on.

Unlike arch rival Oracle which has spent above $42 billion in many takeovers since 2005, SAP was averse to acquisitions and initially depended on its home-grown technology. But the company needs for innovation and strategy forced it to go for a few major buy-outs.

For the year 2010, SAP had revenues of Euro 12.5 billion. It forecasts Euro 20 billion in sales by 2015. The company is focusing on new businesses like mobile products, services and real-time analytics technology and expects them to contribute 25% of sales forecast for year 2015.

Outlook of SAP

Gartner, the IT analyst company, has placed SAP in its ‘Leaders quadrant’ for its data integration tools. Despite a number of solutions in the enterprise solutions market, the problem of data integration from disparate data sources is still a major hurdle to be overcome. SAP has many tools to resolve it – Business Objects, HANA, Netweaver Process Integration (PI), Sybase replication server and Sybase Power Designer software.

To conclude, SAP is a growing business, has met the demands of the times and maintained its numero uno position in the enterprise solutions market. It is well prepared for future challenges and whenever it felt it was not doing fair in any area, it acquired other businesses to support its long-term business strategy though it was very selective in doing so. So SAP is going to stay and so do the SAP careers !

Impact of Global economy

Talking about the second factor – Global economy, which is passing through a difficult time and the outcome is not clear, it is this factor which drives the job market in general.

When the economy is stable, there is demand in market for all products and services and the businesses strive to meet the demand while competing for bigger market share. They allocate budgets for IT spends to leverage the productivity and efficiency brought forward by different business solutions like ERP.

When the outlook is not that good and the companies are shaky about demand for their products, they go for cost-cutting. IT projects strategic in nature and having impact in the medium-to-long-term are shelved resulting in crunch in the job market. Additionally, freelancers feel the heat of a down economy more than the SAP professionals employed with companies since they have fixed period contracts and have to be on the hunt for fresh contracts.

Since the impact of economy is all round on the IT (and non-IT also) job market, we can’t single this factor out for SAP. So in my view the SAP job market is governed by the performance of SAP in the enterprise application software market and the adoption of its new products in the in-memory computation, mobile-services and cloud computing.

More SAP careers

By virtue of its expansion into newer areas, SAP has brought new technologies under its umbrella thus widening its job market and creating new job titles and descriptions.

For example, SAP Netweaver brought Java technology along with others into its folds. Since then, SAP offers solutions based on Java and there is SAP certification course available for Java. And this phenomenon is expected to continue with SAP foraying into newer areas and offer more SAP careers on the platter!

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