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SAP Certification

If you are thinking about SAP certification, it is time to gather some information and brainstorm. You want answers to questions like – "Is it worth going for?" and "Can a beginner expect to land in her/his first SAP job after getting certified?"

SAP Certification Options

SAP website is a good starting point for exploring your SAP Certificate options. It has country-specific information for any Certification focus area. Follow the link: SAP Certification Levels and Focus Areas. The following screen-shot displays a part of the webpage that opens :

SAP Education

SAP Education - the training arm of SAP - offers certification exams in many countries. They can be taken by SAP customers, Partners, Independent consultants and Beginners, who have no SAP knowledge.

SAP Training Courses

This discussion focuses on SAP training courses offered by SAP Education - the training and education arm of SAP - providing learning solutions for its products and services. Oftenly SAP customers opt for SAP training courses for their employees from its offerings based on project requirements. Several IT consulting companies also arrange training for their employees in a bid to provide competent consulting services to their clients. The training cost is born by the companies who pay SAP for its course offering. Since it's a huge cost for these companies, they also try to make up for the training requirements using internal skilled professionals or quality third parties as far as possible. These SAP learning solutions are available for individuals too. Individuals pursue these courses to get into SAP consulting or to enhance their career in the present organization, etc.

SAP Knowledgebase

There are numerous online SAP resources for everybody whether beginner or expert which constitute the vast SAP knowledge-base. I am listing a few which can be helpful to you and will keep on updating this list.

SAP Help Portal

SAP Help Portal stores documentation for SAP products and other related information. The help documentation can be very useful for beginners to explore the features of SAP software. This article will guide you how to navigate through the SAP Help portal for information you require. There is vast information out there as vast as the SAP software is. So the advice is: don't be lost and remain specific in what you are looking for.

SAP Forum: SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network SAP has a great social media - SAP Community network. And it's one of the best in the enterprise software industry. If you go there as a beginner, the vast information out there may seem to be intimidating. But if you take your time in understanding the organization of information and content and develop an interest, it will surely be rewarding in your SAP journey.

Free SAP Training Part-4

After our initial discussion about SAP Easy Access screen in Part-3 of Free SAP Training series, lets discuss the last few things about it. The SAP Easy Access screen can be customized to some extent to show/hide certain features. The below image captures these features to achieve some degree of personalization.

Free SAP Training Part-3

In Part-2 of the Free SAP Training series, you learnt how to log on to your SAP system and arrive at SAP Easy Access screen. In this article I will discuss about the structure of SAP Easy Access screen and the significance of various elements on the screen.

When you log on to the SAP system, you get the screen below. Let me first begin with the Application toolbar of the SAP Easy Access screen. The Application toolbar has buttons 1-6 and 10.

Free SAP Training Part-2

This part of our Free SAP Training series is SAP GUI for the simple reason that it is your interface with the SAP system. Though the modern SAP system deploys web interface too using Web Dynpro and BSP technology, the interface in the back-end system is Classic SAP GUI and is of interest to us as beginners. Without going into further details, which I have dealt with in other articles here, let us quickly explore the SAP GUI so that you can start using the SAP software!

Free SAP Training Part-1

This article is first of the series: Free SAP Training. Here I have put together very basic information for those who want to learn SAP from scratch. It's not a training program as such but it helps you in logging on to SAP system and understand various elements of SAP GUI. It also points to SAP learning resources directly from SAP. From there onward, you can continue on your own with the help of the SAP tutorials available online.

SAP IDES: The SAP Model Company

What is SAP IDES? How is it helpful in exploring SAP software? Why is it a part of any SAP training? As a beginner you need to understand the difference between two available options: SAP IDES and miniSAP (or ABAP Developer version).

What is ERP

What is ERP? What does ERP stand for? Check this discussion about the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning. And what benefits the ERP Software packages accrue to organizations...


SAP R3 - as was commonly called before the advent of SAP ECC - refers to a 3-tier architecture from the Software-oriented view and is still an integral part of various SAP solutions including SAP ERP...

In the beginning of 1970s, when SAP started business, there were big computers and only big business organizations or some research labs could afford them. Everything including database, application software and user interface was on this one big machine. SAP was a start-up company and had introduced its Finanical Accounting software. It is called R/1 now as SAP picked this nomenclature down the line. 'R' stood for Real Time Data Processing - which was (and is) at the heart of the SAP software.

What is SAP

An SAP Newbie?... and Wondering "What is SAP?"... In this article, I have tried to demystify the area and the jargon around for beginners. At the same time, SAP professionals too may find some information helpful in broadening their understanding.

SAP ERP System: How to connect and logon

This is the third article in the series of the three articles guiding you to setup and connect to an SAP ERP system. SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP Server. The second article helps to Download SAP GUI software and install it on your system. If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don't have one, you can check my article Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to configure your connection...

Download SAP GUI

This is the second article in the series of three articles: SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP ERP System (third article of the series). If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don't have one, you can check the first article in the series: Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to download SAP GUI software and install it on your system...