Free SAP Training Part-4

After our initial discussion about SAP Easy Access screen in Part-3 of Free SAP Training series, lets discuss the last few things about it. The SAP Easy Access screen can be customized to some extent to show/hide certain features. The below image captures these features to achieve some degree of personalization.
SAP Easy Access Settings
SAP Easy Access Settings

SAP system is Application server/s with database system/s which you can access through SAP GUI. Check below to view the system details.
SAP GUI System Settings

And the pop-up box appears with the System details:
SAP System Status
You can check the OS (Linux above) on which SAP Application Server is running, the Host server name, Database system, etc.

You can also find SAP System Version and the various component release info.

Most importantly, you can find the current transaction (and the SAP program running behind that transaction) running currently from where you opened the pop-up box.

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