SAP Certification Options

SAP website is a good starting point for exploring your SAP Certificate options. It has country-specific information for any Certification focus area. Follow the link: SAP Certification Levels and Focus Areas. The following screen-shot displays a part of the webpage that opens :

You can see the name of the country as United States in the top middle of the page. Some of the information may be same for all but many times may vary from country to country. If you want to change the country, just click on the name of the country – United States, in this case. In the next page you can select your region and country.
On the right side in the above screen-shot, you have a link for 'Certification Exam Preparation'. From there, you can reach to the following article on SAP Community Network: How to prepare for a Certification Exam. There is another important link on the right side: 'Frequently Asked Questions'.
If you select Certifications by Solution, you can see the list of available certifications and follow the link for SAP ERP applications.

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