SAP ERP System: How to connect and logon

This is the third article in the series of the three articles guiding you to setup and connect to an SAP ERP system. SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP Server. The second article helps to Download SAP GUI software and install it on your system. If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don't have one, you can check my article Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to configure your connection...

To connect and log-on to an SAP ERP system, you need SAP GUI installed on your system. Though you can log-on using web-interface as well but it's very slow and it has many limitations. In my article on How to Download SAP GUI and Install?, I mentioned the steps for its successful installation and you get a desktop icon (also new program in your operating system's programs menu). You double-click it and reach this screen:

But the list of connections in the newly installed SAP Logon pad is empty until you configure one. We need to create a new connection to the remote SAP server by clicking on the 'create' icon highlighted by red circle in the above screen-shot. The next screen opens as below:

Click on "Next" above. Now we need to enter the SAP server connection details here. For this, we use the information provided in the link sent in the mail for consolut SAP Application Server details. Following screenshot captures these details:

SAP GUI: SAP Server details
The details above may change in course of time, therefore, don't refer the values here but from the link provided above which should have the correct server details at any point of time.

Select the Connection type as Custom Application Server. Referring the provided system details above, I enter them in the appropriate fields as below:

In fact, we can enter any name of our liking in the Description field - I chose: My SAP System.

I click on the "Finish" button which takes me back to the SAP Logon pad which displays one available system connection now:

SAP Logon
I select it and double-click on it and... Lo! I get the SAP Logon screen for the remote SAP ERP system:

SAP Logon
You can use your credentials to log-on to the server. I enter my credentials - Login / Password (How to get it: Free SAP Server Access) and log on. And reach the first screen called SAP Easy Access (as popularly called) as below:

SAP Easy Access
Not that tough... right:-) The SAP system we setup access for is SAP IDES system. You are ready to work now. You can setup connection to as many SAP systems in one Logon pad as you want (using the create button in the first screen-shot).

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