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SAP Community Network

SAP has a great social media - SAP Community network. And it's one of the best in the enterprise software industry. If you go there as a beginner, the vast information out there may seem to be intimidating. But if you take your time in understanding the organization of information and content and develop an interest, it will surely be rewarding in your SAP journey.
Let me start with the Welcome page - Welcome to SCN. Here you will find a few sections and the links to certain places within SCN. The first thing you can do is - Register yourself so that you are a part of this community and have access to all contents on SCN.

Once you register yourself and log on with your user-id, you will see an area (highlighted in the red rectangle) in the top right corner of the page:

SAP Forum: SCN SAP Community Network
Click on the icons in these areas and go through the information in the upcoming pages. You will use these links (icons) very often going forward.

The SCN has a lot of social media stuff like Blogs, Forums, Articles, Wiki, etc. Apart from all the information you can access through navigating yourself, I will just provide you a small piece of information which will help you in remaining focused on your area of interest.

SCN Spaces

An area like ABAP Development or CRM is called a (Topic)SPACE in SCN. For example, the below screen-shot depicts SAP ERP space which covers modules like Financials, SD (Order to Cash), HCM, etc:

SAP Forum: SAP SCN ERP Space
SAP Forum: SAP SCN ERP Space
You may want to explore the whole list to find your area of interest, if you are already working into one. Refer to the following link for all the topic spaces on SCN: All places.

Once you have found your space, you can explore the contents available. The below screen-shot shows the various tabs - Overview, Content, People and Subspaces. You will most often visit Content tab:

SAP Forum: SAP SCN ERP Space Content
SAP Forum: SAP SCN ERP Space Content
Highlighted in red rectangle are the links for Blog posts, Documents, Forum discussions, etc.

On the left side, there are links under the heading Actions, which you can use to create your own content once you gain experience.

And you can see an interesting item in front of a content topic highlighted in red rectangle below:

When you click on this icon, there is a pop-up which you see above. You can bookmark for your future reference, share this content with others and follow the discussion using relevant item from this list.

This article should be helpful for you in exploiting this most valuable online resource for SAP and becoming part of the SCN community. I stop here with a note of Best wishes for you! You may have a lot of questions while navigating through SCN, the following will guide you in the right direction any time: Getting started with SCN.

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