SAP IDES: The SAP Model Company

What is SAP IDES? How is it helpful in exploring SAP software? Why is it a part of any SAP training? As a beginner you need to understand the difference between two available options: SAP IDES and miniSAP (or ABAP Developer version).
SAP IDES: The SAP Model Company
Source: SAP Help Portal


SAP IDES stands for Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System. As the name implies, SAP IDES system is used for training, demonstration and evaluation purposes. It is pre-configured SAP system with business processes and data of a fictitious company operating in many countries across the world.

SAP software being a business software is devoid of much functionality in the absence of real business data and therefore, is not useful except evaluation of technical features. To make it useful from business perspective, it needs to have sample business processes and data. That is what SAP IDES system is. SAP maintains the IDES system as the real-time systems are maintained and upgrades to its next version. This gives useful insights to SAP as well about operational aspect of their product. They are used by SAP for training throughout the world.

Using SAP IDES system, you can work with different SAP modules like FI/CO, MM, PP, SD, HR, etc. It's a full fledged SAP ERP system and you can carry out business transactions in these modules. Visit SAP Help portal to know more about IDES.

If you are a beginner and interested in SAP as future Functional consultant in any of the SAP module, you need access to the IDES system. There are two ways in which you can achieve this: (i) Installing SAP system on your computer or, (ii) Getting access to a remote SAP server. Here they are:

If you know anybody from SAP Basis area, he/she may help you in installing SAP system on your computer as they most likely have access to the copy of SAP IDES system provided with SAP installation at their companies. SAP Basis consultants are responsible for SAP system administration tasks. You will get the SAP system installed on your computer. The disadvantage is you are solely responsible for maintaining it and deal with any problem you may encounter.

There is one free option i
f you are stuck because you don't have access to an SAP system. You can check this article: Free SAP Server access. Besides, there are online vendors who maintain SAP IDES system and provide you online SAP access and charge for their services. For example, IDESAccess provides you with SAP access with many options of time-frames ranging from one week to one year. And Simplilearn provides online training in many SAP areas and SAP IDES access (you can search for SAP IDES training on this website to see the details). With these options you have online access to the remote SAP servers. These vendors are responsible to maintain the SAP systems there and you are free from this aspect enjoying the continuous services.

ABAP Developer Version (or miniSAP)

This is not the full-fledged SAP ERP system and is also referred to as MiniSAP or SAP MiniBasis system. You can't access any business transactions and data for the SAP modules simply because they are not there. ABAP developer version is a smaller installation and doesn't take much space on your system. It is for ABAP consultants to try hands with the features of the ABAP programming language. Beginners who are interested in learning ABAP may find it useful but remember you can't access any business related functionality here.


So we finished out discussion about both the versions of SAP system: SAP IDES and ABAP Developer version. By now, you understand the difference between the two. If you are interested in an SAP module, you should have access to SAP Server with IDES system. If you choose ABAP programming, you can start with ABAP Developer version but going forward I will recommend for SAP IDES system for any serious effort.

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