SAP Knowledgebase

There are numerous online SAP resources for everybody whether beginner or expert which constitute the vast SAP knowledge-base. I am listing a few which can be helpful to you and will keep on updating this list.

SAP Community Network(SCN)

SAP Community Network(SCN) is SAP's professional social network. It provides trusted connections to the dynamic community of SAP customers, partners, employees and experts. It delivers an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge, insight and rich content about SAP solutions and services, in a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and sharing of best-run business practices. SCN is the largest technology community with forums for discussions, wikis for collaborative documentation, blogs, articles, etc. Refer to my article SAP Forum for more info...

SAP Professional Journal

SAP Professional Journal knowledge-base to get more out of SAP technology. Tap into this vast resource of highly sought-after tutorials, case studies, best practices, and troubleshooting advice to help further your Web Dynpro, configuration, and database admin skills, as well as improve your ABAP programming, performance monitoring, debugging, and more.

SAP Knowledgebase

SAP Help

The official SAP Help is the biggest SAP knowledge-base with vast documentation on various topics. For example, you can visit here overview articles from SAP Help on ABAP Programming language elements called ABAP Keyword Documentation. You can start exploring from the root of SAP Library, if you wish.

SAP Service Marketplace

SAP Service Marketplace is the place for SAP customers and consultants. You need log-in credentials to log on and either SAP customers or SAP certified professionals have it.
They can connect to SAP for resolution of their problems, access OSS notes (software fixes, product information, etc.) and other communication from SAP. 
SAP Service Marketplace also allows customers to provide access to their SAP systems to SAP. You need to have log in credentials to access it which are provided by your company or client.

SAP Sapphire

Sapphire Now is the world's premier business technology conference, bringing together thousands of customers and prospects on-site and online to innovate and discover new, game-changing solutions and services from SAP. SAP has two major annual technological events: SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd. SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 happened during June 3-5. But you can check the happenings like keynote speech, presentations, etc at the SAP Events website... 

SAP TechEd

SAP TechEd, a technical education conference for professionals working in various SAP technical areas is a place for getting exposure to latest SAP technologies. It provides networking opportunities for people. SAP Vendors participate to showcase their capabilities with SAP solutions.

SAP IDES access

Free Online Access to SAP IDES ERP 6.0 (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System : IDES ERP 6.0) for everyone who is interested. Refer my article on Free SAP Server Access.
This system allows consultants, project managers and users to familiarize themselves with SAP or to develop in-depth knowledge, without installing any software, simply via a web interface.


openSAP is SAP’s innovative learning platform and a thought leader for Enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). openSAP gives you maximum flexibility to learn at your convenience. Compared to traditional e-learning, it provides you with an engaging and effective learning experience through gamification and by connecting you with other learners and SAP experts. openSAP courses are free of charge (except for optional system access) and are offered in English. See openSAP course listings for more information.

Hope you find this SAP knowledge-base useful. Please leave your comments below and return the favor by sharing it if you liked. Best wishes!

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