SAP Training Courses

This discussion focuses on SAP training courses offered by SAP Education - the training and education arm of SAP - providing learning solutions for its products and services.
Oftenly SAP customers opt for SAP training courses for their employees from its offerings based on project requirements. Several IT consulting companies also arrange training for their employees in a bid to provide competent consulting services to their clients. The training cost is born by the companies who pay SAP for its course offering. Since it's a huge cost for these companies, they also try to make up for the training requirements using internal skilled professionals or quality third parties as far as possible.
These SAP learning solutions are available for individuals too. Individuals pursue these courses to get into SAP consulting or to enhance their career in the present organization, etc.
There are specific SAP training courses after completing which the participants can appear for Certification. If they pass the exam, they become SAP certified consultants. To know more about SAP Certification, follow this link.
SAP training courses (provided by SAP Education or its partners) are very expensive. For example the training cost for certification for Associate level (the first level for beginners) is somewhat less than $14000 and another $500 for writing the certification exam.
Note: The actual fee and the illustrations captured in screen-shots below may change and included for the sake of demonstration only.
Suppose you want to check it for Financials accounting for country US. Follow this link. Following picture captures a part of the screen for reference:
SAP training courses
You can see two curriculum sessions (circled by me in orange color) of 10 days each and the certification exam at the end (circled in blue). Click on them one by one to see the price of each. You will get the following screens corresponding to the items you clicked:
Do a total and the cost comes out to be = $7345.00 + $6445.00 + $500.00 =$14290.00
Apart from the traditional class-room training, there are other online options from SAP: Virtual Live Classroom, E-learning and E-Academy. The training options address wide array of participants and focus areas. You can check at SAP website in Training & Education link. 
Then there are SAP Education partners who are authorized to provide SAP certified courses. You can check the list from SAP website for your country.
The conclusion is: they are costly and you must factor this in taking decision. Completing training and fetching an SAP certification of Associate level does not guarantee you work or a job.
If you have explored the SAP job market, you know that all companies are looking for experienced consultants with minimum 3-4 years of experience and almost all don't have SAP certification as a mandatory requirement.
Most of the experienced SAP consultants working on big projects are not certified and no recruiter or customer has asked them about it. On the other hand, they are wary of working with a certified consultant with no or little experience.
It's not that the SAP provided training courses are not worthy. They offer comprehensive learning and are the best in the market. And the certification can add an edge to one's profile. 
Having said that, it can help only to some extent. You may not expect getting into SAP Consulting – immediately after the completion of the training and the certification though that has happened for a fraction of people. If you can invest that much of money and you are clear about what you want to achieve by doing this and can wait patiently, you should go ahead.
Else, there are so many other vendors offering SAP training courses. Some are instructor-led which will again be costly but lesser than SAP Education. Others are online (or e-learning) without the instructors which may cost a fraction of the instructor-led.

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