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SAP ABAP Programming

Please find links to my articles on SAP ABAP in an organized way. ABAP is the programming language of SAP and is a language of long-standing tradition. It has history of around 35 years of evolution. I have included resources helpful in learning the language. Even if your interests lie somewhere else in the area of SAP, it's a good idea to get some basic understanding of this area. Knowledge of ABAP basics can give you an edge in other SAP areas. Though a minimum amount of ABAP knowledge is becoming a trend in the industry, but if you are a business process expert / functional consultant with fairly good SAP ABAP knowledge, you are distinguished as techno-functional consultant.

SAP HANA: In-memory computing

SAP HANA platform is the part of SAP's in-memory computing strategy. SAP has set goal of availability of business data anytime(in-memory computing), anywhere(on-demand) and on any device to its customers.

SAP News

Know what's making news in the world of SAP. The SAP News page features the major stories pulled by Google News about SAP from various news sources around the world.

Breaking into SAP Career

SAP Careers are among the top ones in IT (barring a few like enterprise architecture). It has attracted people from all sort of background for a long time. A decade and a half back, it was easy to start a career in SAP. SAP was capturing market very fast and there was requirement of skill which was not easily available in the market.

mysap HR Technical Principles and Programming

Authors: Ewald Brochhausen, Jürgen Kielisch, Jürgen Scherring, Jens Staeck

SAP ABAP Books for You

During my course of career, I came across many ABAP books. Here I am writing my reviews on some of the best of these. This write-up can help you to make a choice as per your need. All these books cover different aspects of ABAP programming language. Only ABAP Objects and Next Generation ABAP Development overlap on some advanced topics. Actually latter stands upon the foundation of the former as the name itself suggests.

Next Generation ABAP Development

"Next Generation ABAP Development" is co-authored by Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung. The book is for experienced developers and discusses advanced concepts of SAP ABAP programming. The authors take the reader through a hypothetical project happening at a university. The fictional developer assesses and explores different technologies newly added to the language to implement the requirements on hand.

ABAP Objects

ABAP Objects -the book on modern ABAP - is co-authored by Dr. Horst Keller and Sascha Kruger. To give you a background, there was a book 'ABAP Objects - An Introduction to Programming SAP Applications' published way back in year 2000 from the same authors.

SAP Flight Data Model

SAP Flight Data Model is a simplified form of a flight booking system, which comes with SAP system for demonstration purposes. This model is used to demonstrate many features and the capabilities of ABAP programming language. For example, it is used in SAP Help files, ABAP training classes and various online resources. The flight data model has a set of relational database tables linked by Foreign key relationships.

SAP ERP Training: Overview Courses

There are a wide range of SAP ERP Training offerings. They are domain-specific on the business consulting side and may belong to different areas on the technical side. In case you are unable to make up your mind which application area or technical area you want to go for, SAP offers Overview courses.

SAP ABAP Certification

The topic of certification is discussed in the section SAP Certification in detail. So let me just brief it and focus on SAP ABAP certification. SAP offers a full suite of training programs / courses and certifications. If you enroll and pass a certification exam, you are SAP Certified consultant for that area. It also provides you a logo you can use in your signature at the end of mail or your profile.

SAP ABAP : Making a career decision?

If you are from a background of programming from your education and/or your working experience and want to switch over, SAP ABAP is a good choice. If you approach and follow it correctly, you may become the specialist of an area. We will discus it a little later.

Introduction to ABAP: SAP Programming language

If you want to learn ABAP: SAP programming language, this discussion gives you an introduction with the historical perspective. By the end of this section you will have a fair idea of "What is ABAP"