SAP ABAP Books for You

During my course of career, I came across many ABAP books. Here I am writing my reviews on some of the best of these. This write-up can help you to make a choice as per your need.
All these books cover different aspects of ABAP programming language. Only ABAP Objects and Next Generation ABAP Development overlap on some advanced topics. Actually latter stands upon the foundation of the former as the name itself suggests.
If you are a beginner and interested in ABAP programming, it is ABAP Objects which is most suitable for you and should not look beyond that for now. Many experienced SAP developers also keep it for reference. Other books mentioned here deal with specific SAP areas like Web dynpro, BSP and SAP HR.
Following are a few gems - excellent ABAP Books here which you may find helpful at any point of time in your development role:

ABAP Objects: ABAP Programming in SAP Netweaver

The first ABAP book for any SAP developer
This was my first ABAP book and it really helped me gain insight into the subject. It was my introduction to object-oriented features of new ABAP language. As the book described, the object-oriented features were added to the previous edition of language called ABAP/4 (4th generation programming language). The new language was called ABAP Objects which is an extension of the procedural ABAP into object-orientation.

Next Generation ABAP Development

Are you keeping yourself abreast of the latest ABAP technologies ???
And that's a question too ! for the experienced ABAP developers, for whom this book is meant.
SAP ABAP development has undergone great changes during the last decade. Big enhancements have been made to improve its development environment i.e. ABAP Workbench. The procedural ABAP has been extended to follow Object-orientation approach, etc. etc.

mysap HR Technical Principles and Programming

Your guide to SAP HR programming
Authors: Ewald Brochhausen, Jürgen Kielisch, Jürgen Scherring, Jens Staeck
This book is for SAP programmers working with SAP HR functions. mySAP HR Technical principles and programming deals with the data structures, authorization and ABAP programming concepts specific to HR module. SAP refers to it as HCM (Human Capital Management) now.

Web Dynpro for ABAP

Development tool to create client-independent web-based applications
Author: U. Hoffmann
For beginners and experienced SAP developers who wish to extend their skill-set to include Webdynpro for ABAP. I thought of Webdynpro to be complex and foreign to ABAP, due to web-interface and web technologies it uses. But this book quickly removed that impression. It talks with authority on the subject dispelling many of the misconceptions the SAP developers have. And then introduces you to Webdynpro for ABAP, called WD4A in short.

Advanced BSP Programming

Use web technologies like HTML and Script languages to create web-based applications
Authors: Brian McKellar and Thomas Jung
For BSP developers. I have never worked on BSP and just had a glance on a few pages of the book for an overview. Being a book from SAP press, it is an authentic and quality work and I believe should be the first publication on BSP. Like the above books which are the one of a kind in their respective areas, this one seems to be the first choice on BSP.
All the above ABAP books are from SAP Press.

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