SAP ERP Training: Overview Courses

There are a wide range of SAP ERP Training offerings. They are domain-specific on the business consulting side and may belong to different areas on the technical side.
In case you are unable to make up your mind which application area or technical area you want to go for, SAP offers Overview courses.
There are 2 such entry level courses and both are 3 days each:
  • SAP01 SAP Overview
  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Netweaver Application server
Let us discuss them one by one:

SAP Overview Course

SAP01 - Classroom (and SAP01E - E-learning) is meant for people who aim to become Functional consultants. It is an overview of SAP Functional modules. This course will lead you into making a decision regarding which SAP area you should follow and undergo a subsequent course in that area.
The above links take you to SAP Training & Education for United States (US). You can change the country by selecting the link for Change country highlighted with pink rectangle below:
SAP01: SAP Overview Course (Classroom)
SAP01: SAP Overview Course (E-learning)

Fundamentals of SAP Netweaver Application Server

SAPTEC, on the other hand, is for those who aim to become Technical consultants e.g. Programmers, System Administrators, etc. This course provides a basic overview and paves the way for full-fledged SAP course in SAP Netweaver technology (ABAP or Java).
SAP courses are costly. These courses will give you an idea of SAP offerings and help you decide in your future course of action. Apart from that you should not expect any weightage in the job market more than tie-breaker. So if you can find an alternative way of reaching the decision about your SAP niche area, it is good.
I will try to provide the resources here which will help you reach this decision and serve as alternative to the above courses. But it may take time. For now, I will brief you a bit.
SAP software involves basic ERP package, now named as ECC (ERP Central Component) and new dimensional products like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM (Strategic Relationship Management), APO / SCM (Advanced Planner & Optimizer / Supply Change Management), BW (Business Warehouse), etc. The SAP customers have one or more of these packages.
The core ECC component is a bundle of applications from different functional modules like FI & CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling), MM (Materials Management), SD (Sales & Distribution), PP (Production Planning), QM (Quality Management), HR (Human Resources), etc. They are integrated and access data freely among themselves. The persons who specialize in any of these modules are the functional consultant of that area.
The professionals who have the domain knowledge of 2-3 years in any of the area should choose the respective module and consider the SAP ERP training so as to give them an edge in that area. Experience is mandatory for a functional certification course since business knowledge of a domain is prerequisite.
All the above applications and components run on the SAP Netweaver platform which is the technical foundation for these. The technical aspects are dealt with by SAP Technical consultants who specialize in any of the areas like ABAP or Java development in Netweaver environment, Security, Enterprise Portal, System Administration, etc.
The professionals or fresh graduates/ post-graduates from computing background should opt for the technical area. Experience is not a mandatory requirement for technical areas since knowledge of a business area is not a prerequisite to learn SAP technical.

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