mysap HR Technical Principles and Programming

Authors: Ewald Brochhausen, Jürgen Kielisch, Jürgen Scherring, Jens Staeck

About the authors:Ewald Brochhausen lectures in business management, mainly organization and personnel, at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms, Germany. Jürgen Kielisch, Jürgen Schnerring, and Jens Staeck all develop HR functionality at SAP. All of the authors have many years of experience in the implementation and customization of SAP HR.
If you are a HR technical (ABAP) consultant or a beginner in ABAP-HR, then this book mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming (2nd Edition) is a great guide in understanding the key HR Programming concepts. I have a copy of this book and it has really helped me over years of working in HR ABAP. Since it was often difficult to find HR specific ABAP material online, like is available for general ABAP, it was indispensable for me. Since HR module has sensitive information, the concept of Roles and Authorizations becomes even more important. The book discusses this in great length.
Several technical consultants in HR have found it immensely helpful and refer it from time-to-time for different development challenges in HR module. Gives you an in-depth look at the data-structures of SAP HR and the information model on which the HR master data is based. Different HR modules (PA, OM, Time Management, Payroll, ESS, MSS, etc) and HR role and authorization concepts are discussed from both functional and technical perspective.

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