Next Generation ABAP Development

"Next Generation ABAP Development" is co-authored by Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung. The book is for experienced developers and discusses advanced concepts of SAP ABAP programming. The authors take the reader through a hypothetical project happening at a university. The fictional developer assesses and explores different technologies newly added to the language to implement the requirements on hand.
The university is running on SAP R/3 Version 4.6C. It uses business functions from Financials and Human Resources modules and has custom developments around them. The university is currently going through up-gradation to SAP ERP 6.0 on SAP Netweaver 7.0 platform. It is implementing SAP Netweaver portal as well as considering SAP PI and SAP MDM in the near future.
"Next Generation ABAP Development" gives the reader insight from the developer's angle taking her / him through the development process.
The developer in the book designs, develops and tests the applications using the newly offered technologies like Web dynpro, Shared memory objects, Data persistence layer, Webservices, ALV Object model, BSP, Adobe Forms, SAP Netweaver Portal, RSS feed using an ICF Service node, etc. Most of these technologies are based on object-oriented features of the ABAP language. Several of them result in web enablement of the applications. And they make Today's ABAP a modern language capable of performing tasks unimaginable a few years ago.
The book makes an interesting reading and not a plain boring technical journal. You will definitely enjoy reading it.
It touches upon the new technologies for you to assess and showcase their features. Naturally, in one book, it's not possible to discuss them in full so that you can start working on them straightaway. SAP Press has released individual books on these technologies. You can refer them for working details on individual basis.

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