SAP ABAP Programming

Please find links to my articles on SAP ABAP in an organized way. ABAP is the programming language of SAP and is a language of long-standing tradition. It has history of around 35 years of evolution. I have included resources helpful in learning the language.
Even if your interests lie somewhere else in the area of SAP, it's a good idea to get some basic understanding of this area. Knowledge of ABAP basics can give you an edge in other SAP areas. Though a minimum amount of ABAP knowledge is becoming a trend in the industry, but if you are a business process expert / functional consultant with fairly good SAP ABAP knowledge, you are distinguished as techno-functional consultant.


ABAP is the programming language of SAP. SAP software can be customized to a great extent according to distinct customer requirements. There are two ways to achieve this customization - by using Configuration (or Customization) settings and ABAP programming.
Configuration / Customization settings are performed by Functional consultants using a tool called SAP IMG. That's one place where functional consultants carry out customization of different SAP modules.
SAP ABAP Technical consultants (or Developers) make use of ABAP programming to add new functionality or to modify standard SAP functions. Adding new functionality may involve, for example, writing a program to generate a report output for user entered criteria or to send a flat file to a non-sap system. 

Learn ABAP

So ... ready for the ride ! Jump to ABAP-SAP programming. The article assumes you are completely new to SAP, but even if you have prior knowledge or experienced SAP consultant, there are pieces of general information about SAP and ABAP which can be of interest to you.
Once you go through the above article and are able to write your first ABAP program with the help of resources referenced from SCN (SAP Community Network), have a glance at the SAP Flight Data Model. The model has been based on a highly simplified and hypothetical Flight Booking system having some sample data. You can use it to write program to fetch data from the flight model and display output, etc. Flight Data Model is used by SAP in demonstrating various language features and capabilities through examples in SAP Help and online resources.


Wondering SAP ABAP is the right career for you or not! Whether to switch over from your present career or not? Will it be interesting to work in this technology? What is the best way of growing in an ABAP career? Here is a discussion addressing such questions around SAP ABAP consulting as SAP career.

SAP Training and Certification for SAP ABAP

Next comes the question of ABAP certification and training options. SAP Education offers two levels of Certification in ABAP – Associate and Professional. Follow this link to explore about SAP ABAP Certification.

ABAP Books

Years ago, I wrote my first program from an SAP ABAP book 'ABAP Objects' which an experienced ABAP consultant recommended. There was a mini SAP basis CD to install a developer version of SAP software. I am really thankful to him for his recommendation ... as what great insight it gave me into the subject. It happened to be one of the greatest book ever written on the subject.
I believe that books connect us to the consciousness of the author and the learning flows. So I make it a point to go through any good book and/or other authentic literature on the subject matter I am working on. This really helps. It broadens my vision and the understanding as well. I came to know of this fact during my discussions with other consultants.
In this article, I have discussed the ABAP books I recommend which I used to refer in the past depending on the project requirements. I found them to be indispensable and excellent piece of work. All are from SAP Press.

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