Breaking into SAP Career

SAP Careers are among the top ones in IT (barring a few like enterprise architecture). It has attracted people from all sort of background for a long time. A decade and a half back, it was easy to start a career in SAP. SAP was capturing market very fast and there was requirement of skill which was not easily available in the market.
Even fresh graduates or professionals with little experience having no background domain knowledge enrolled for SAP training for certification and got their break.
Similarly professionals working as users or power users at SAP customer companies could get into SAP consulting without much hassle.
With time, SAP market had general availability of skill and now it has become very difficult if not impossible to enter this market. Still there is some misconception that SAP certification for a beginner is the sure way to SAP consulting career. Unfortunately that's not true.
Strategies for now are different. It depends on where you are currently in your job (or fresh graduate).
For example, if you don't have any exposure to SAP, you can first try out small trainings which teach you how to use SAP as user of a particular domain - say, Accounting or HR. Then you can search for a job in a SAP customer company where you can work with SAP as end user.
You can use any opportunity in this company to enter into mainstream SAP role. But you need to be prepared for that and present a strong case for yourself. This can be done through undergoing a full SAP training course for your domain and even certification if possible.
Networking with SAP professionals in your new company will also help and you will know when there is a requirement. Your network may push your case for consideration and your SAP skills can close the deal! After gaining required experience you can search the market for full-fledged SAP consulting career.
As you see the path to SAP consulting career is not straight. It will test your patience on the way and if you are not passionate enough about SAP, you may drop it ultimately. So depending upon your case, you need to judge where SAP training (or Certification if you are keen) fit into your journey to SAP career.

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