Web Dynpro

Web Dynpro is the new User Interface (UI) programming model from SAP. It was launched as a technical component of SAP Netweaver platform and is aimed as a replacement of the popular and generally used classic SAP GUI technology in the long-term.

Why SAP needed to create web dynpro when it already had SAP GUI for providing user interface (UI) - the classic Dynpro technology on the SAP R/3 platform. Dynpro stands for Dynamic programming to indicate that SAP screens are dynamic programs not only having the UI component but the processing logic as well.
The classic UI interface requires SAP GUI (client software) to be installed on every user machine. It makes the user system a CLIENT to the remote Application SERVERs.
People completely new to SAP can catch a glimpse of SAP GUI by following this link.
Using SAP GUI, user interacts with SAP system by carrying out business operations on these Application servers.
SAP GUI uses the user system resources in co-ordination with application server resources. Many of the tasks like displaying information on screen (the information which has been retrieved and processed in the application server and sent to local machine) can be performed locally without a trip to the server.
All this works great. But the point to remember… No SAP GUI -> No SAP Access!
Then, SAP came across its major drawback when it tried to expose the business functionalities available in SAP system to outside applications. Since this functionality was tied in the SAP screens, it meant that these applications have to pass through the respective screens to use the desired business functions.
Though SAP developed and provided methods and techniques to its customers for this purpose, they are not efficient.
Finally, in many cases, SAP had to re-write the business logic away from the screens, mostly in classes and methods, to provide access to its functionalities to the outside applications by way of remote function calls (RFCs) and web-services.
And when SAP wanted to go ahead with popular web-technologies like internet browser, it wanted to avoid the mistake of mixing processing logic with UI logic. So separation of business logic from the UI logic is one of the most important design principles in the creation of Web Dynpro framework.
Here is a snapshot of a web dynpro application which accesses the data and business functions from back-end SAP system:
Web Dynpro application
The user does not need SAP Gui to access it. Web Dynpro technology is client-independent and can be accessed from varied clients - PCs, Laptops, mobile and other hand-held devices with the right capabilities.
SAP launched an innovative technological platform in year 2003 - SAP Netweaver. SAP Netweaver was an open standard based platform. Web Dynpro was one of its technical components for UI development. Read more...
The technology is available in two flavors:
  • Web Dynpro for ABAP (WDA), and
  • Web Dynpro for Java (WDJ).
SAP launched WD for Java with SAP Netweaver 2004. The next release SAP Netweaver 2004s, launched in year 2006, included WD for ABAP. ABAP is the SAP programming language used to build SAP applications.
Both the flavors are based on MVC architecture. Adopting MVC architecture for UI development, SAP offered a modern and robust tool !
With SAP Netweaver 7 (abbreviated for 2007) and its Enhancement package 1 (EHP1), more features were introduced including integration with other tools and technologies like Adobe forms, Adobe flash islands, etc.

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