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In my previous article What is SAP Netweaver?, I first laid out the problems posed by the heterogeneous IT landscape of the business organizations resulting in inflexible IT systems. We then discussed how SAP Netweaver since its conception was designed to address these problems by allowing the integration and alignment of people, information and business processes.

I will pick an interesting quote from the book 'SAP Netweaver for Dummies' by Dan Woods: Think of SAP NetWeaver as essentially an orchestra of technologies with many programs and tool-kits, each adding its own voice to the composition to allow you to do things that could never be done before.

Thus by way of analogy, SAP Netweaver is a technology symphony. SAP Business Suite, brand name put forward by SAP, for the family of SAP products mostly in existence since the late 90s is supported by the new web-based, open standards based technological platform SAP Netweaver.

It provides a comprehensive set of technologies to run business applications. It serves as the technical foundation for enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Since the time of its introduction in 2003, SAP Netweaver was presented as a comprehensive solution  by SAP to be seen in its entirety and that was the vision behind it instead of looking at it as a set of tools and technologies - separate parts or components. . Behind this philosophical view though, these are ultimately different components which have to make the whole system work to achieve the vision of unification.

The following list of links takes you to various resources on each component available on SAP  Community Network:

SAP Community Network hosts details about the various components of SAP Netweaver:

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