Top 5 Reasons you should be on Google+: [5] Events

Updated on August 22 ✪ Ahh... Finally there! This article is the last (of course this is not all on Google+) of the series "Top 5 reasons you should be on Google+", for a quick recap: [1] Immersive Look-and-Feel, [2] Circles, [3] Communities and [4] Collections. And here goes:

Google+ Events

Events is a very useful feature helpful in organising a get-together. An Event can be created for connecting online or gathering at a place for party, meeting or any function. When you create an event, you can invite guests and track your invitation (accepted, tentative or not responded). The event is put on your and your guests' Google Calendar. You and your guests can upload photos to a common shared Photo album so that all event participants can view them. If the event is created as public, the photos are public.

How to access Events inside Google+

Assuming you are logged into Google+, you can go to your profile. Next to About link in the header, click onMore(More button) and then, on Your events. The below picture depicts the sequence of clicks starting from top left Main menu button  Menu  

Follow: G+ Main Menu -> Profile -> More (3-dots next to About) ->Your Events

If you are going to Events page for the first time and nobody has invited you to any Event so far, this page is blank like this one:

Events Page

It shows you 2 options: 'Create Event' and 'Plan a Hangout'. As I mentioned in the beginning, an Event may be hosted online or at a place (offline). If you want to create an online event, you can choose 'Plan a Hangout' though this option can be selected using 'Create Event' also, therefore, it serves the purpose of a short-cut for creating an online event. For online events, participants would connect through Hangout.

Create an Event

Let us click on Create Event:

Create a new Event

On the top, you can choose from a provided selection of themes or upload your own. Provide Event title and click on Event options button:

Create a new Event: Event options menu

'Guests can invite other people' and 'Guests can add photos' are selected and active by default. This setting means that your guests can add other people to the event and all your guests can upload photos to the common shared Photo album. The last item provides you the option of hiding guest list from your guests. Advanced options let you make it an online Event using Hangout.

If you need to change the time-zone, click on the shown time-zone (it's a link) below the date field and you can select yours. Then you may enter your place and details of the event, if you wish and in the 'To' field, you can add guests. For adding guests, you have these options: (i) select name of contact or circle/s (of contacts) if your guest/s is/ are on Google+; (ii) enter email-id if s/he is not on Google+. Your guests will receive notifications in Google+ or link with invite in email.

When you are done, click on Invite button and your Event is created:

Event Management Page

You can see a couple of boxes. Your guests will see them on their Events page. You and your guests can comment in the first one. They can respond to your invite by choosing from options: Yes, Maybe and No. You can delete the event from Details box, by clicking on down arrow in top-right and selecting delete from the drop-down menu. The other options in the menu allow you to restrict guests from commenting, uploading photos or invite other people.

End Note

Events are many times leveraged by Google+ community members as they allow them to collaborate virtually. Besides you can create Events for any trips you are planning with your friends. That way, you will have your photos in one place available for viewing by all and to add important information using comments. So next time you plan to organise any event, think of leveraging Google+ Events. That's all for now. Have fun!

✪ August 22, 2017: I updated the whole series (including this article) because of massive transformation Google+ has undergone since the time of publishing the original series somewhere in May, 2015. Yes, Events feature was there but Hangouts was separated in November, 2015. The below post shows Hangouts as part of Google+ but it has been removed now. I am keeping the original article and pictures unchanged for historical interest.

Original article

Finally reached to the last of our series - Google Hangouts. Watch this video on Hangouts from Google:

Where to find Hangouts?

(1) Those who are familiar with Google Talk (Yes, Google's equivalent of Yahoo Messenger), Hangouts adds lot more fun, utility and functionality to it. So Hangouts actually replaces Google Talk if you choose to upgrade to Hangouts. You can find Hangouts right inside GMail under the folders on the left side. If you have not upgraded to Hangouts, you will find Google Talk and the option to upgrade there.
(2) From Google+ : Click on the quotes-shaped icon (arrow-marked) on the top right corner in below picture and you will get the list of people in your Circles and Gmail contacts from which you can choose one to start your conversation:
How to Google+: Hangouts (Get started)

What can you do with Hangouts?

(1) You can start conversation (Chatting) one-on-one or add others to have a group conversation.
(2) You can group video chat with up to 10 friends.
(3) You can use Hangouts On Air (HOA). Thats a powerful feature when you want to broadcast to the world. You can livestream to a global audience from your Google+ profile or your YouTube channel. Plus once your broadcast is over, your video is available on YouTube as it is being recorded while being streamed.

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