Top 5 Reasons you should be on Google+: [1] Immersive Look-and-Feel

Updated on August 5, 2017 due to remarkable changes in the landscape of Google+ making the post up-to-date and current. Enjoy the updated new post. Since June, 2011, when Google+ started, there was lot of speculation whether it would survive. There were all kinds of stories floating around and questioning if you should really be using Google+. Now that Google+ is not only around but has the best features than any other social media  platform and the people and businesses are leveraging it to meet their ends, there is no doubt about its future. And, I am inspired to think about my reasons for being on Google+ and make others think to join the league:-) For the sake of simplicity, I will publish them one by one - in a series of 5! So here goes the first one:

1- Immersive Look-and-Feel

An amazingly wonderful and sleek Interface, free from clutter, advertisements and noise from so many quarters! Awesome, isn't it? That means whole space is available to posts and I really find it intriguing. If you login to Google+ directly, you land into Collections (See left side-bar menu for second item in the picture below). A Collection is a group of posts created by individuals around a theme or topic e.g. travel, recipes, fitness, etc. If you are already logged into your google account and visit the link for Google+, you land into Google Plus Home page. Here you see the posts stream with a left side-bar and search bar on the top:

Home page with left side bar and posts stream in the main area.
Desktop view of Google+ Home Page
You can even hide the left side-bar (Menu) by clicking on menu list buttonin top-left corner and the whole space is available for posts. Whenever you want it, click on the menu button again so you can toggle between menu and no-menu view.  The search-bar on top helps you to enter a search-term to find relevant people, pages, communities and collections. Bottom-right has pencil button, which can be used to create your new post.

When you open the app on your mobile phone, it displays the Google+ Home page (assuming you are logged in):

Google+ Home on phone
There is a drop-down menu on top where Home is selected. You can click on Home to see the other menu items. The bottom bar showcases tab-strip with the following tabs: Home, Collections, Communities and Notifications. Home tab is highlighted as we are currently into it. You can switch to other sections from here.

Each post appears on a card with all functions like editing, commenting, sharing, etc. on it making a post stand out distinctly. When I first explored it and that was years ago (year 2011), the Google Plus Interface design seemed like a breeze of fresh air. Over the years, other social media platforms seem to have learnt a lot from Google+. To learn more, visit Google+ Help center.

Over to you now... Enjoy exploring Google+ and celebrate the reason [2]-Circles (2nd part of the series, which I have completed and hence, updating the link here) to be on Google+ !

About Original article

Classic Google+ at the time of writing my original post (way back in May, 2015), retired on January 24, 2017. Read this post from Google+ Product Manager announcing the same. Thought of keeping part of original article safe for benefit of history:
If you need to go somewhere else, you just hover mouse over the button in the top left shown below and the menu appears:
How to Google+: Step 1

How to Google+: Step 2
Once you select your item, it goes into hiding again freeing your screen space. Similarly, on the right, you have a double quotes bubble icon and you click on it, a side bar with Google Hang-outs options appears. When you don't need it, you click on the bubble icon again to hide it making your screen free for posts:
How to Google+: Step 3

Go to 2nd part of the 'Top 5 Reasons you should be on Google+' series: [2]- Circles.

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