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SAP ABAP HR: Logical database PCH in Organization management

The logical databases are oftenly used in HR programming and their use reduces programming effort. The logical databases are special SAP programs created or maintained using transaction SE36 or SLDB though standard logical databases are not meant to be maintained/ edited except under rare circumstances. The source code of a logical database (<ldb>, say) resides in the program named SAPDB<ldb> e.g SAPDBPCH. They provide Selection-screen, mechanisms to access data and authorization handling.

SAP on Linux

The story of evolution of Linux is now unfolding for more than two decades. And it is kind of an exception in the world of technology where the success of a new technology, product or idea is usually revolutionary and brings about an immediate change.

Though the adoption of Linux was slow but it was steady and in the recent years it has firmly established in the enterprise IT landscape. Linux now is a platform of choice for businesses because of the stability, security and cost factors.

SAP too has slowly moved to Linux. Not only that, some of  its products / services including most popular HANA are exclusively based on Linux (Suse Linux).

An interesting cover story of E-3 Magazine "Linux: An evolution" deals with the details in a lucid and appealing way. I would say - a must read... Enjoy !

SAP ABAP HR: Logical databases PNP and PNPCE

SAP provides logical databases so as to reduce programming efforts through a kind of modularization technique. Logical databases have their own selection-screen, user authorization checks and logic for fetching data from the database so that you don't have to do it repeatedly.