SAP ABAP HR: Logical databases PNP and PNPCE

SAP provides logical databases so as to reduce programming efforts through a kind of modularization technique. Logical databases have their own selection-screen, user authorization checks and logic for fetching data from the database so that you don't have to do it repeatedly.


SAP HR application area uses certain logical databases for the purposes of evaluation of employees, applicants and organization structure. The Personal Administration component has the following logical databases: PNP, PAP and PNPCE. Here is a brief documentation from SAP Help - kind of introduction.

The selection-screen of these logical databases is available which you can enhance with your own fields using normal commands for creating selection-screen elements. There is no need to program authorization-checks as it is programmed there. Finally, data fetch too is done by the logical database and supplies the results into the structure with GET event, PERNR in case of PNP, for example.


Here is the list of a few resources to learn about PNP and PNPCE:

For their advanced use, this document provides information on 'Programming utilities for the Logical databases PNP and PAP'. It talks about programming features and tricks to use with SAP logical databases PNP (for employees) and PAP (for applicants).

Here is some information on differences between PNP and PNPCE logical databases and article on improved performance in authorization checks in custom reporting.

Reporting: Selection period and further selection help  

When selecting a period you can decide between data selection period and person selection period. What does that mean?

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