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Important Update: To stay in touch

Updated on July 30, 2017 - Hi Guys! Finally... back to my blog after a long hiatus with sincere apologies to everyone out there following this blog and the Google+ Business Page associated with it. You know, sometimes, life takes its toll but if you are back again with more resolve, there is nothing like that. After all, all is well that ends well. I am happy (and positively surprised) that the readership for this blog has been on an increase (against being lost in oblivion)  since I was out of touch (and that too for a long time).

And that further strengthens my conviction about one of the greatest advantages about online presence! You are there even when you are not (physically) there. I will talk about it (Personal blogging and Social media) in the upcoming posts.

Before I get started again, let me update you on 3 changes I have made which will affect your exploration of this blog. Here they go:

1- Domain name change The blog's address '' now redire…

Create 'Standard Text' and use it in ABAP Program

Standard Text documents can be created in SAP system using transaction SO10. To know more about Standard Text, please follow the link. They can be used by ABAP programs, for example, to include text in the body of the email notification to be sent or to print documents. I have discussed below the steps involved in creating and using Standard Text:

Create Flat File Outbound Interface

Scenario: You are developing outbound interfaces for your project and want a consistent Look and Feel (Selection-screen) for all these interfaces making it easy to understand for users and maintain for developers. You are creating an outbound Flat file and your report should have all the functionality like (1) ability to upload file to Application server, which can be checked using TCode AL11, (2) ability to download file to Desktop (local machine), (3) the F4 helps for Application as well as Presentation server assisting the user in selecting File path.


This page on SCN (SAP Community Network - SAP social media platform) provides links to guides, articles, blogs, and tutorials regarding ABAP development : Getting started with SAP ABAP Developement.
The first link on the above page is ABAP for Newbies which covers the historical background of ABAP in brief and the next steps for a complete beginner.

Find an introduction to ABAP in the below video:

SAP Tips | ABAP HR | Basics of Reporting in SAP ERP HCM

If you are interested in understanding the basic concepts in HR reporting, here is something for you: An excerpt (Chapter 2) from the book 'HR Reporting with SAP' from SAP Press. If you are a beginner, you will get to know about the data structures in various modules of SAP HR:

SAP Tips | ABAP HR | Standard reports

SAP Help Portal provides the complete manual on standard HR Reports. These can be very helpful and come handy when the business requirements match with their use. They should be used wherever there is a possibility as they are anyway there as part of your standard SAP system. Find here information on more than 200 programs for the purpose of reporting and analyzing: Reporting in Human Resources Management.

SAP Forums

There are many SAP forums where various SAP topics ranging from SAP training to real-time issues are discussed. Here I am listing a few common questions I tried to answer on various forums which may be helpful for you. You may need to sign up for posting your questions or sharing your thoughts.

SAP ABAP HR: Custom Infotypes in PA Module

PA module master data can be enhanced by creating new customer-specific infotypes wherever standard infotypes don't suffice. PA infotypes are covered in the range of 0000-0999 and including applicant infotypes 4000-4999.

What is Content Marketing and Content Curation?

Updated on August 18, 2017. This article is profiled for beginners. You will learn about the terms 'Content Marketing' and 'Content Curation' increasingly used now-a-days. With the businesses going online, they offer career opportunities for individuals and anybody with moderate to good writing skills, ability to explore various sources of information online and good understanding of a niche.

SAP HR: Payroll

This page encapsulates information on SAP HR Payroll application. You will find the guides on basics. Then, there are different ways for Evaluating payroll results in SAP HR application area which are covered taking queue from various online resources and discussions.

SAP HR: Payroll Control records table T569V

The payroll master table T569V has very important information on the payroll areas and controls the activities of the payroll. It locks the personnel numbers master and time data against changes during the payroll run. On the other hand, Payroll is locked while master or time data changes relevant to payroll are being made.

SAP HR: Payroll table T549A

Further to our discussion on Payroll results evaluation, it is time to learn about payroll master table T549A and payroll period related date entries view V_T549S_B. The payroll master table T549A stores payroll period, pay date related information about the payroll areas and whether payroll can be run for a payroll area.

SAP HR: Payroll results evaluation

I have posted this document 'SAP HR: Payroll results evaluation' on SAP Community Network(SCN). This document covers the basics of how data is stored in Payroll and has sample code to evaluate the results to show in ALV output.