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What is Content Marketing and Content Curation?

Updated on August 18, 2017. This article is profiled for beginners. You will learn about the terms 'Content Marketing' and 'Content Curation' increasingly used now-a-days. With the businesses going online, they offer career opportunities for individuals and anybody with moderate to good writing skills, ability to explore various sources of information online and good understanding of a niche.

SAP HR: Payroll

This page encapsulates information on SAP HR Payroll application. You will find the guides on basics. Then, there are different ways for Evaluating payroll results in SAP HR application area which are covered taking queue from various online resources and discussions.

SAP HR: Payroll Control records table T569V

The payroll master table T569V has very important information on the payroll areas and controls the activities of the payroll. It locks the personnel numbers master and time data against changes during the payroll run. On the other hand, Payroll is locked while master or time data changes relevant to payroll are being made.

SAP HR: Payroll table T549A

Further to our discussion on Payroll results evaluation, it is time to learn about payroll master table T549A and payroll period related date entries view V_T549S_B. The payroll master table T549A stores payroll period, pay date related information about the payroll areas and whether payroll can be run for a payroll area.