SAP HR: Payroll Control records table T569V

The payroll master table T569V has very important information on the payroll areas and controls the activities of the payroll. It locks the personnel numbers master and time data against changes during the payroll run. On the other hand, Payroll is locked while master or time data changes relevant to payroll are being made.

T569V: Payroll control records table
Control record type (T569V-VWSAZ) is key field alongside the payroll area and currently only '01' is available in the standard system.

T569V-PABRJ/PABRP store the next payroll period for which payroll should be run.

T569V-UABRJ/UABRP state the earliest period for which the retroactive accounting can be carried out.

T569V-STATE tells the Status of the Payroll area for the given period as follows :
T569V: Payroll status control records

The payroll status is automatically changed by the system when the payroll is carried out. The status of the Payroll Control Record is automatically updated with every step that is carried out during payroll. Release one or several Payroll Areas for payroll and the system increases the period number in the payroll control record of the respective payroll area by 1. You cannot change the master and time data for the personnel numbers belonging to this payroll area if it affects the payroll past or present. Changes affecting the future are still possible.

For off-cycle run and payroll results evaluation, the payroll should be in 'Exit' status.

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