SAP HR: Payroll table T549A

Further to our discussion on Payroll results evaluation, it is time to learn about payroll master table T549A and payroll period related date entries view V_T549S_B. The payroll master table T549A stores payroll period, pay date related information about the payroll areas and whether payroll can be run for a payroll area.

T549A: Payroll Areas
T549A-PERMO stores period parameters e.g. Monthly/Bi-weekly/Weekly etc for the payroll areas which are stored in Table T549R (Period parameters) maintained as value table for T549A-PERMO.

T549A-CALCR (Run Payroll for payroll area) tells whether payroll has to be run for the payroll area or not. So if it is blank for a payroll area, payroll results will not be evaluated for this payroll area.

T549-DATMO states the Date modifier of the payroll area. The standard system has date modifier '00'. Others (01, 02, etc) are created for customer requirement. To understand date modifier, Suppose there are payroll areas with same period parameter, say monthly. But you want to have different pay dates for different employee groups - 1st of month for regular employees, 10th for pensioners, say. The Date modifier/ Period parameter can be maintained in View V_T549S_B (Period related date entries). It has the following fields:
Table V_T549S_B
You can see that a Country Grouping/Date modifier/Period parameters (MOLGA/DATMO/PERMO) setting has Pay date (PDATE) for a Payroll year/Period (PABRJ/PABRP). Here, the same period parameters can be maintained for different Date modfiers (00, 01, 02, etc) with different Paydates (PDATE).

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