SAP HR: Payroll

This page encapsulates information on SAP HR Payroll application. You will find the guides on basics. Then, there are different ways for Evaluating payroll results in SAP HR application area which are covered taking queue from various online resources and discussions.

SAP HR Programming Overview

This PDF document presents an overall overview of SAP HR from ABAP programming perspective starting with the data model in SAP HR application area.

Understanding Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status Infotype)

Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status Infotype) or TCode for the same is PU03, works as a central part for Employee's Master Data. This Infotype is updated automatically at backend whenever an employee is hired, or any changes are made in Master Data of an employee. In this document, I shall explain in detail how this particular infotype works.

Evaluating the Payroll Results using Infotypes or the Logical Database PNP

This PDF document explains the options available in the SAP system for evaluating the payroll results: Payroll infotypes, Logical database and Standard reports.

Read payroll results without using Get Payroll event of PNP Logical database

The logical database GET PAYROLL has now been replaced with the class CL_HRPAY99_PRR_4_REPORTING (as per SAP Note 699276).

How to insert payroll results

The SCN thread answers this question and lists the ABAP code lines using function modules PYXX_READ_PAYROLL_RESULT and PYXX_WRITE_PAYROLL_RESULT to carry out this operation.

Read Payroll results within a Date range

This page lists code for a custom Function Module which reads payroll results within a date range and retruns them in a table. When processing the results in the table, field SRTZA will be either A or P - add the A results and subtract the P results when working with RT wagetypes.

SAP Payroll results evaluation

This article explains how the payroll results are stored in cluster tables and how they are read through ABAP programming. It also includes sample code to make the concept clearer and code reuse.


The payroll master table T549A stores payroll period, pay date related information about the payroll areas and whether payroll can be run for a payroll area.

Payroll basics and Payroll in the SAP system

The Payroll is based on an international payroll driver. This payroll driver was modified for each country. The country-specific payroll drivers take the statutory and administrative regulations of a country into account.

SCN Community: SAP ERP HCM Payroll

You can follow this space on SAP Community Network(SCN), where you’ll find related resources such as the latest updates, discussions, blogs, articles, tutorials, service packs and more for the different payroll versions.

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