What is Content Marketing and Content Curation?

Updated on August 18, 2017. This article is profiled for beginners. You will learn about the terms 'Content Marketing' and 'Content Curation' increasingly used now-a-days. With the businesses going online, they offer career opportunities for individuals and anybody with moderate to good writing skills, ability to explore various sources of information online and good understanding of a niche.

It's a world of Information out there!

Internet is enormous source of information. The best of content is out there and much of it is beyond visibility of most of us just because it may not be ranking high in the popular search engines’ results. But that doesn't mean it's not there. The content of your interest also reaches you through conventional media, social media, social circle and so on.  If you don't come across it through any of these direct means, even the content of most relevance, of great interest and need to us would remain beyond reach of most of us. So getting quality, valuable and fresh content is the fast-growing need of the internet users. That's what content curators cater to.

Content Marketing?

A lot many publishers, individuals or organisations, are creating and publishing content which forms the basis of content marketing. So content marketing is about creating new content as a marketing tool.

Content Curation?

In contrast to content marketing, content curating is not about creating new content but discovering and compiling valuable content shared by online publishers, organising it in a meaning way and publish to followers. Individual bloggers curate content for the benefit of their followers. For brands and businesses, it's a way to provide extra value to their customers. Content creators are benefited too by reaching more audience.

Distribution Channels for Content?

Content curators may use variety of channels to publish curated content to their followers like email newsletters, twitter feeds, blog posts, Google+ or Facebook business pages, etc. Most successful individual bloggers focus on a niche. They not only create content but follow blogs, articles and news in that area to be updated and many curate such content. Sounds interesting? Why not share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for your interest as always!

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