SAP ABAP HR: Custom Infotypes in PA Module

PA module master data can be enhanced by creating new customer-specific infotypes wherever standard infotypes don't suffice. PA infotypes are covered in the range of 0000-0999 and including applicant infotypes 4000-4999.
The following links below lead to resources which explain the step-wise-step procedure for creating a PA custom infotype, and enhancing a standard infotype.

Developing PA Custom Infotypes
Step-wise-step guide for creating Custom Infotype with Radio buttons and Check-boxes
Another step-wise-step guide for creating PA custom infotype
Another document for creating PA custom infotype

Copy PA Infotype
Copy Standard Infotype into a Custom Infotype in ECC6.0

PA Infotype screen modification
PA Custom Screen Modification : Add custom field to PA infotype

Entry help for subtypes is used to implement the following functions in new or changed infotypes: Possibility of an entry help for subtypes, and Determining the name of a subtype. Path in SAP IMG for the BAdI is :
Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing Procedures -> Infotypes -> BAdI: Setup Entry Help for Subtypes

In SAP HR, the infotypes layout display can be configured (depending on the country for example). For example, in France, we never display the religion of an employee (in infotype 0002). But in Germany, they need to display and manage this information. It may be usefull to be able to display, hide, disable some fields and so on....This type of customizing can be done in the table T588M, with the view V_T588M. Each Infotype (classified by the related Module Pool, MP000200 for It 0002) has several lines in this table. One line for all the differents screens, it might have. The call to a specific screen is done depending on a variable key. Which is read in a decision tree (feature).
PM01(Adding CI Fields) : At the MOD_PBO Output, be sure to add this piece of code. It will be used by the PA Change Screen Modification (T588M) later on.

   data: sub_prog like sy-repid, sub_dynnr like sy-dynnr.
   sub_prog = 'ZP000200' .
   sub_dynnr = '0100'.
   perform modify_subscreen(sapfp50m) using sub_prog sub_dynnr.

Link Z module to Infotype via table T582C.

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