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Create 'Standard Text' and use it in ABAP Program

Standard Text documents can be created in SAP system using transaction SO10. To know more about Standard Text, please follow the link. They can be used by ABAP programs, for example, to include text in the body of the email notification to be sent or to print documents. I have discussed below the steps involved in creating and using Standard Text:

Create Flat File Outbound Interface

Scenario: You are developing outbound interfaces for your project and want a consistent Look and Feel (Selection-screen) for all these interfaces making it easy to understand for users and maintain for developers. You are creating an outbound Flat file and your report should have all the functionality like (1) ability to upload file to Application server, which can be checked using TCode AL11, (2) ability to download file to Desktop (local machine), (3) the F4 helps for Application as well as Presentation server assisting the user in selecting File path.