Important Update: To stay in touch

Updated on July 30, 2017 - Hi Guys! Finally... back to my blog after a long hiatus with sincere apologies to everyone out there following this blog and the Google+ Business Page associated with it. You know, sometimes, life takes its toll but if you are back again with more resolve, there is nothing like that. After all, all is well that ends well. I am happy (and positively surprised) that the readership for this blog has been on an increase (against being lost in oblivion)  since I was out of touch (and that too for a long time).

And that further strengthens my conviction about one of the greatest advantages about online presence! You are there even when you are not (physically) there. I will talk about it (Personal blogging and Social media) in the upcoming posts.

Before I get started again, let me update you on 3 changes I have made which will affect your exploration of this blog. Here they go:

1- Domain name change

The blog's address '' now redirects to (named after... well... me). It was a long pending task to do and for ease of your use too so that you don't have to type a lengthy address. It wasn't a smooth change though and it came at a cost. All the comments on various articles disappeared because of this change and so much valuable interaction is lost :-( Having no choice, I need to bear with that.

2- Association with Google+

I dropped comments integration with my Google+ Business Page some time back to allow all (without a Google account or without a need to logging into one) to enter comments. If you are aware, you need to sign in with your Google account to comment on this blog. It's because my blog is hosted with Google Blogger, which is completely free of cost... no strings attached but it's part of a larger (Google) whole. I thought it would give flexibility and anybody without a Google account could comment. But I had to revert back my decision as there was lot of spam in comments and it was tough to moderate it all. So please login with your Google account to comment here. I believe almost all have a Google account (GMail, Google+, etc.)
One change though... I have dissociated from my Google+ Business Page in favor of my Google+ profile making it handy for me to manage it. So if you were following that page earlier, please switch over to my profile by following me or adding me to one of your circles:

3- Exciting New Addition 

Last but not the least, I have thought of expanding this blog to cover exciting areas like Personal Blogging and Google+. These are the topics near to my heart and I would love to share interesting things which can bring value to you. Ultimately, the purpose with which I started this very blog was your (and my) time spent here to be time well spent and helping you and adding value to your (and my) life in some way... and the current changes should extend further help in this endeavour!
Thanks for your interest so far and look forward to your continued support. Don't forget to leave your comments below:

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