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Updated on Jan 13, 2017. Discover blogging is how-to-blog series of posts in my Google+ Collection: Discover Blogging which I migrated to this blog during Dec, 2017-Jan, 2018. If you are a beginner interested in starting your blog, it's for you. For quite some time, I was thinking how can I make my Collection more useful than by just sharing links to blogging resources and then this idea striked me to create a step-wise-step guide for beginners. Amazingly, I started getting very good response from the first post itself, so I am trying to put my best effort into it as time permits. Please find below the list of posts published so far with excerpts from the respective posts:


First Post of the Series

Episode 1: What is a Blog? What are different types of blogs?
Well, you are here to learn about blogging, or creating a website for that matter, and that is why you have followed this Google+ Collection. This expectation brings a sense of responsibility to me and to meet and fulfil it in the best possible way will be my constant endeavour. So this is my inspiration to put this series together. Your timely feedback will help me in making it more useful for you...

Leveraging internet

Episode 2: Leveraging internet can change your life. It’s there and working for you 24X7, even when you are sleeping, partying or away on an outing!
Blogging (and Blog marketing) is not a new area anymore and evolving fast. Blogging helps people to build online presence, their own space enabling them to present their talents, skills, hobbies, businesses, help others, broadcast their message, blog for income and many more things. The list is endless...

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Episode 3: Find answers to your questions: Where do I get started? How can I post a blog? Which platform should I choose?
A Content Management System (CMS) is a major part of a blogging platform to publish your blog. A blog is focused on digital content. A CMS system is an application software, allowing creation, modification and organisation of digital content. So a CMS system helps in creating and maintaining websites and blogs...

Google Blogger

Episode 4: While talking about the ease of creating and maintaining a blog, any discussion is incomplete without Blogger.
Blogger is fundamentally a blogging platform unlike other Content Management Systems (CMSs) which can be used for varied purposes like creating a website, online shop, etc. And it is one of the most popular blogging platform. Since Google doesn’t release any statistics around its market penetration, so its position among the top blogging platforms is not known. Nevertheless, it has its big plus points...

Choice of Publishing platform

Episode 5: Making a choice of the platform for blogging or your site, in the context of your future plans, is the most important factor to avoid surprises or roadblocks later.
In episodes 3 and 4, we dealt with the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and their suitability for an individual blogger. Making choice of a blogging platform is a very important step for those who want to build their blog or site to develop into an online business to earn a regular income from it...


Episode 6: Let us start from here our discussion on how to blog using WordPress. Basics of WordPress before we go and start one.
For a casual blogger doing it for fun, Google Blogger or WordPress are equally good. WordPress is an excellent platform for those who want to build their blog or site an online business and earn a regular income from it. Please refer to the previous episode where I wrote about WordPress being part of an online business building solution which comprises of many areas besides your blog or site including marketing, advertising and social media...

WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org

Episode 7: WordPress comes in these 2 flavors. Let us scratch a bit to check under the surface and see what is in store for us.
In the previous episode I touched upon this point. WordPress comes in two flavors: and You will see any of the logos with a 'W' when you explore the world of WordPress blogging. It’s important to understand what they are. The 'W' in blue is’s logo and the one in black & white is’s...

Get Started with

Episode 8: I suggest you to complete the preparatory work before you go ahead and create your blog or website.
Let me cover a few points before you start so that you are ready with the required information to run through the process of creating your blog smoothly. Though nothing you do at this stage is cast in stone but it’s always good to begin with the end in mind...

Which is the best WordPress Plan for me?

Episode 9: The 4 WordPress plans - Free, Personal, Premium and Business - offer varying degrees of features. But which one is the best for you?
I touched upon the plans offered by WordPress (.com flavor) in the previous episode. It offers 4 plans: Free ($0/Month), Personal ($3/Month), Premium ($8.25/Month) and Business ($24.92/Month). The plans may show up in your local currency instead of USD if you are in a different location and (may be) based on the browser settings...

WordPress Personal Plan

Episode 10: WordPress Personal plan is immediately next to the Free plan and the lowest among paid plans. It offers very important features essential for a blogger.
Before we go ahead, it is imperative you have understood the WordPress Free Plan and what it offers. If not, please go back to episode 9 (previous to it) which is the prerequisite to understand Personal Plan...

WordPress Premium Plan

Episode 11: WordPress Premium plan is best for online Entrepreneurs & Freelancers and is next to the Personal plan on upgrade hierarchy. It offers very important features to exercise more control for the bloggers and web-site owners.
So we have covered the WordPress Free and Personal Plans. Before moving on to the next one, Premium Plan, ensure that you have gone through episodes 9 and 10 and have understood both Free and Personal plans. They are the prerequisite for this episode and this discussion builds over the previous ones.

WordPress Business Plan

Episode 12: WordPress Business plan is the most exhaustive plan and offers maximum features and functions including ability to install custom plugins. WordPress plug-in architecture is one major reason behind its popularity.
We have covered the WordPress Free, Personal and Premium Plans. Before moving on to the next one - Business Plan - ensure that you have gone through episodes 9, 10 and 11 and have understood all the three plans since they form the prerequisite for this episode.

Work in Progress :) Adding more here...

Hope you enjoy the series and find it useful. Thanks for following this far :) Feel free to jump in and ask any questions in the below comments.

✧ Disclaimer: My blog posts include reviews of products helpful for bloggers and have affiliate links. In this post, it is I have purchased, used and tested it thoroughly. I earn commission if you buy a paid plan using the link. Rest assured, it doesn’t cost you extra and you pay the same price. It helps me to fund the costs and time spent on my blog and site. Thanks for using it.
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