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Google products allow you to organise yourself, improve your productivity, create, search, store and manage stuff online, experience the joy of blogging, connect to and share with people using Google+, implement many Creative ideas and so many things.

Google Help files

'Discover Google' is the title of the e-book I have designed to leverage the Google help files. Google help files come handy when you need to find more about a Google product you are using letting you learn life hacks that make productive use of your online time with Google products and services, for example, quick and effective search by using advanced options or getting started with Google Keep and using it effectively. Once you learn them, they are always there by your side drastically improving your performance and organising your life.

Google Help files are the most valuable source of information about Google products. At the same time they are probably the most under-utilised resources. Most users simply know as much as the proverbial tip of the iceberg be it Google Search, Photos, Google+, Blogger, Drive or any other Google product. If you want to be more productive and effective, this e-book is for you. After you finish it, you will understand the structure of Google Help files, where to look for help and answers when you need to and you will even be able to guide others too including friends, family and in Google product forums!

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