Google Keep Tips: How to use?

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am a happy Google Keep user so I don't make any claim not to be biased in this post. Just kidding:) but frankly, it's a wonderful app in my experience. Its web-version is equally useful and allows me to use my notes with other applications. I don't remember how I was living (or managing) without it. For the sake of completion, let me try to recall:) Before Keep, I was using hand-written notes, I had tried apps like Evernote, Google Calendar, Notepad, etc. but never became so habitual with any of them that they could become an essential part of my life.

Google Keep: First and Foremost use

Keep's first and foremost use for me is to take down notes on the go. As an important to-do or an idea related to my work comes to my mind, I open Keep on my mobile, hit on 'Take a Note' text-button on the bottom-left of my screen and start typing.

As I type, it auto-saves and I can edit using 'Undo' and 'Redo' circular arrows in the middle of the ribbon (just below the note I am creating) which also displays a + button on the left which allows me to add photos, check-boxes, voice recording, etc. 

Collaborate with others

Toward the right end of the ribbon, there is a 3-dot menu button. The menu offers the following items: Delete, Make a copy, Send, Collaborator, Labels and colour options. I can use any of the colours for my note e.g. I use red for an urgent or very important task. I can add people as collaborator to share this note with them. S/he (the collaborator) will get an email and can open and edit the note.

If the sync setting for Keep is on, the changes will reflect immediately on all devices. Awesome! The web-version allows to use and create the notes on my laptop.

You may like this blog post for other important features: 8 Tips to help you keep up in Google Keep. Thanks for stopping by and have a great time.

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