Choose a Niche [Part 2]: Explore topics

In first part of the 'Choose a Niche' mini-series (Go to Choose a Niche: Part-1), I favoured for a focused approach for your new blog (or website) so that all your content is around one topic. I listed a few popular topics in 'Food for Thought' section to help you in choosing your topic or niche. That's in no way is an exhaustive list and you may need to explore many many topics before you find yours. Coming straight to the point, you can start your exploration at StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine which allows its users to find and rate web-content using the principles of peer-sourcing and social-networking. I find the stories of internet start-ups interesting and exciting and if you share the same interest as me, here is the full story about StumbleUpon on Wikipedia.

Topics of Interests

If you are new to StumbleUpon, you will need to either create a new user account or login using an existing Facebook or Google+ account. In the next step, it will take you to a list of interests (topics) under different categories like Arts, History, Commerce, Media, etc. and suggest you to select 10 of them:

Your selection of interests will form the basis for StumbleUpon's discovering and recommending content for you. Navigate through these interests under different categories carefully and see if you can identify with any of those. If you are lucky, you may find your niche at this stage.

Once you are done, whenever you will login to or hit 'Stumble' button in the top bar, StumbleUpon will find and present a blog post or web page belonging to the interests you selected. That way, you will come across the existing online content in your areas of pursuit and get idea of the competition and opportunity out there. You can also find people i.e. other bloggers in your niche to collaborate with, if you want to.

There are many other places where you can find different topics of interests and the content based on this selection. For example, Google+ offers Discover feature where you can explore various areas of interests:

End Note

As you may guess, choosing your niche is a tricky but very important part of your online brand and efforts and there is no fool-proof recipe to arrive at your niche. I thought it worthwhile to mention the above two tools to help you in your exploration and I sincerely hope this exercise helps in finding your niche. In the next episode, we will discuss one more aspect of a good niche. It's published now, so please find the link here: Choose a Niche - Part 3 - The Final Step. Wish you all the Best and Good Luck in finding the right niche for you!

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