Discover Blogging: Episode 1 | What is a Blog?

Well, you are here to learn about blogging, or creating a website for that matter, and that is why you have followed this blog or my Google+ Collection: Discover Blogging. This expectation brings a sense of responsibility to me and to meet and fulfil it in the best possible way will be my constant endeavour. So this is my inspiration to put this series together. Your timely feedback will help me in making it more useful for you.

Welcome to Discover Blogging!

You can envisage it as a series of posts around blogging basics published here and shared on my Collection: Discover blogging. So it’s a space for the creative you, where you will learn the basics and get the know-how to create a blog or website step-wise-step. Without wasting any more time further, let us just jump into action and start with the basics.

What is a blog?

Blog is short form of weblog indicating an online log of posts often written in an informal or conversational style. The two terms are used interchangeably since the beginning but the term 'blog' is used most often. A blog is an informational website updated regularly or occasionally by adding new posts. Normally the blogging platform used to create and publish blog, automatically arranges the posts in reverse chronological order so that the latest posts are near the top. When a new post is published, it pushes the other posts down. Blogs are typically run by an individual or small group. In recent years, the multi-author blogs have gained popularity. Such blogs are usually run by businesses to leverage social media and increasing brand awareness.

Blogs and Social Media

Blogs have a social media component. The posts allow readers to comment and express their views and feedback. So the readers can interact with the blogger and amongst themselves. In this way, blogging plays the role of social networking service also. This differentiates them from static websites. Though most of the blogs are text-based, there are other types too like video blogs, podcasts, photography blogs, etc. ...contd.

End Note

Let me finish here. In the next post (Episode 2: Leveraging Internet), I will discuss about the reasons you should leverage internet for your benefit. Thanks for your interest and stopping by. Let me know if you have any doubts or questions in the comments below.

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