Discover Blogging Episode 2 | Leveraging internet

Episode 1 dealt with the basic questions like: What is a Blog? and "What are different kinds of Blogs?" Blogging (and Blog marketing) is not a new area anymore and evolving fast. Blogging helps people to build online presence, their own space enabling them to present their talents, skills, hobbies, businesses, help others, broadcast their message, blog for income and many more things. The list is endless…

Internet penetration and technology

According to many sources, internet has penetrated to more than 3 billion people. This is huge and mind blowing! While I am writing it or you are reading it, there are hundreds of million people online and when we are talking about such huge number of people, there is definitely a point (and business case) to leverage internet.

Earlier technology was the barrier as it required knowledge of web-technologies to create a website or blog. But in recent years, we have gone past the technology barrier and anyone can create a website or blog without any technical knowledge. So, lack of technical knowledge or lack of funds to hire a web-developer/s is no more a reason for not doing it! There is one more important reason why anyone should be interested in leveraging internet.

Digital Economy

With the growth in internet penetration, we have seen the advent of a new economy: Digital economy, parallel to traditional economy and growing at a fast pace. Participating in Digital economy can be highly rewarding, if you realise its true potential. You must have heard or read many success stories of the digital age.

If you are not using this technology to your advantage, you are at a loss compared to somebody who is using it. It may be a local business like cafe or gym… it may be a professional skill like consulting or marketing… and so on.

Leveraging internet, and what I mean by that is your online presence in the form of a web-site, blog, a social media business page, etc. can make a difference. It’s there and working for you 24X7, even when you are sleeping, partying or away on an outing.

Your Passion

If you have a passion, talent, skill or message which can be helpful for others, you are good to go to reach a wider audience. If you are not sure yet, don’t worry! Everybody’s life is unique and everybody has their lessons, it may just need some introspection or you need some time to explore and get inspiration from examples before reaching one. Once you find one, you are ready with your mission.

End Note

The internet revolution has opened many avenues for anyone looking out for newer and unconventional opportunities. Your laptop and internet connection make your office. You can work from anywhere. You just have to think for yourself: Are you game for it?

Thanks for being with me that far. In the next episode (Episode 3: Popular CMSs), I will introduce Content Management System (CMS) and the various CMS systems available for blogging. Wish you success in your endeavours. Enjoy!

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