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We discussed in episode 3: Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that a CMS is a major part of a blogging platform to publish your blog and listed the most popular ones. While talking about the ease of creating and maintaining a blog, any discussion is incomplete without Google Blogger. Blogger is fundamentally a blogging platform unlike other Content Management Systems (CMSs) which can be used for varied purposes like creating a website, online shop, etc. And it is one of the most popular blogging platform. Since Google doesn’t release any statistics around its market penetration, so its position among the top blogging platforms is not known. Nevertheless, it has its big plus points.

Plus points

It’s free and super simple to work with. The theme templates though few in numbers have couple of gems. It offers many widgets which allow to add functionality to your blog e.g. email subscription form, blog archive, popular posts, your followers, search bar, etc. One of the most important widget is HTML/ JavaScript code. Several 3rd parties provide you with code to embed on your site e.g. Facebook, twitter, etc. and you can display a snippet on your blog.

It is integrated with Google Adsense for earning an income from your blog. Google Adsense is a free and simple way to display ads on your blog. In the language of internet marketing, it is called monetizing. It makes sense when you have sufficient content on your blog and start attracting reasonable traffic. Of course, you can use Google Adsense on blogs and web-sites published on any other platform too, but you have to generate the Ads in your Google Adsense account, copy the code and paste it at suitable places in your blog or site like header, footer or side-bar.

My experience with Blogger

I am using Blogger for this very personal blog ( I started it in year 2014 when I was short of time to spend on learning a new blogging platform. I had explored Blogger earlier and it was reassuring to know it was from Google. If you try it you will agree, using it is cake walk and pretty straightforward.


Having spent a couple of years with Blogger, I feel restricted by the choice of themes and their dated look and feel. Though Google has added a few themes following the latest trend, they are highly inflexible and finally I had to revert back to an old theme. I am ready to even pay for a reasonable theme and flexibility but unfortunately, there are no premium options and Blogger remains (forced) free of cost. I am also a bit disappointed by lack of will on part of Google in revamping or enhancing Blogger. There are hardly any announcements about adding any new features, fixing any bugs, etc. Due to this, the blogging market and media is always ripe with rumours of a possible closure of the platform.


Despite of these drawbacks, Blogger is thriving for almost 2 decades and hosts millions of blogs worldwide. Because Google controls the most popular and most widely used web search engine, internet marketers believe that publishing blog here is advantageous from SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective. According to them, Google search engine crawls the blog posts immediately as soon as they are published endowing them with high possibility of appearing in search results and good ranking.

End Note

I am thinking of starting an in-depth discussion about WordPress in the next episodes. WordPress is very popular among bloggers. WordPress comes with plenty of themes to choose from, many of which are attractive. There is a whole eco-system around blogging which helps and encourages bloggers to interact, reach audience and collaborate with other bloggers. In addition to basic free plans, there are paid plans to choose from as per your suitability. There is also a free WordPress flavor for self-hosting.

WordPress is going to be at the centre-stage going forward and I will post about getting started and advanced information around it. We will start in the next episode (Episode 5: The best blog site?). Let’s take a break till then :) Wish you a happy blogging journey soon!

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