Choose a Niche [Part 1]: Focused Approach

Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. 
-Eleanor Roosevelt

So you want to blog but wondering what it should be about! For some reason, many people start their blog as a kind of personal diary. They are posting about their personal life and daily stuff like morning walk, playing with their dog, outing for dinner, etc. This is one of the biggest categories of blogs and unfortunately this is also the category drawing least attention. People have their lives, their stuff, their chores to do and there is no reason why they should be interested in staying with and following such a blog unless it belongs to a celebrity, a social icon or a popular personality whose personal life interests a lot of people. If that's not the case with you, your blog adds to the noise and it goes entirely unnoticed.

Choose a niche

To be noticeable, your blog should have a voice. It's a common advice from experts to the beginners to focus on one topic. It might be tempting to write and post about variety of exciting topics but if you continue in that direction, soon your blog will become an incoherent whole. Your audience will find it confusing, be unable to find any value and quickly get disinterested in it.

Most often, an interesting blog is around a central theme, caters to a specific need and addresses a section of audience. People are searching and looking for information on specific topics. The content on your blog will strike a chord with the set of people interested in that topic.

Now, what could be that topic for you? That's the real question and it's a tricky question indeed. Most of the times, the answer isn't straightforward. Let me try to deal with that.

Everybody has a unique mind and their own life experiences. Life has taught them different lessons. When I talk to people, I realise that despite of having different interests or being from different backgrounds, everyone has some area where s/he knows more than others. It may be in a crude form which needs polishing or may be it needs some attention and training. But important thing is - there is something to start with. There are others who are seeking this knowledge at some point in their lives and this information can add value to their lives. It may be challenging to find it as you may be so used to it that it may not sound to be a special gift for you. You may think it's a simple thing and you may have a notion that who may be interested in it. But if you are able to identify it and it's feasible, half of your work is done.

For the first time in the history of mankind, so many people are empowered by technology to connect to and reach masses, which was never ever possible before! We may have taken it for granted but by virtue of Internet Revolution, we are in a unique position, far different from our forefathers, where we can broadcast our ideas, collaborate with people anywhere in the world and explore so many other possibilities which were even impossible to imagine earlier.

Food for thought

What do you want your blog (or site) to be about? Here are a few examples with some food for thought: a skill-set you have learnt, a favourite hobby, a message you want to spread, knowledge you want to share, art, photography, DIY stuff, cooking, health & fitness, network marketing to multiply your network, affiliate marketing for income.

End Note

Think awhile about the topic of your blog (or site). Zero in on one which fits your interest suitably and you are comfortable with. It's always better to stick to one topic (your niche) than to blog randomly. After all, you will be considered expert in your niche in due course of time. In my next post i.e. Choose a Niche Part 2 - Explore topics, I will try to come up with a few methods helpful in choosing a niche for those still facing difficulty.
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