Discover Blogging: Episode 10 | WordPress Personal Plan

Hi friends! Before I start let me ask you a question, ”Have you understood the WordPress Free Plan?” If the answer to this question is “No”, please go back to episode 9 (previous to it) which is the prerequisite to understand Personal Plan.


To visit WordPress and check the plans, go to and select See Plans link next to Get Started button on this page. Assuming you understand the Free Plan and its limitations, let us continue our discussion with the next higher Personal Plan and lowest among the paid plans.

Domain name

Let me fetch a few lines from their homepage: “Start with a domain. Find the domain name that defines you and your next big idea. Grab a domain now even if it's not quite time to start a site. Your domain will be ready when you are.”

There are very important reasons to “Why should you have a domain name?” A domain name is essential if you are serious about blogging or your website. With a Personal Plan, you get a domain name which is fundamental to your online identity and represents your personal brand. Your domain name is your property whether you decide to remain with WordPress or move your blog (or site) somewhere else. If you already own a domain name, the Personal Plan allows you to map to your new WordPress blog.

When you have created an online identity, it’s often extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change and the change does not happen without a loss. Your readers associate and recognize you with your domain name. Search engines have indexed your blog posts and pages and recognise them by their URLs. After building your reputation using a subdomain like, upgrading to something like takes a toll. And the toll is even higher, if you change the domain name later.

I have burnt my fingers with this so I know it from experience. I actually moved my website from a host to Google Blogger, changed my domain name to, and lost all precious Google rankings. Several of my old web-site's pages used to appear on first page of Google search results and lost all that in a day. Though we are dealing here with registering a new domain name, I just wanted to add a word of caution against playing around with it too much. Choosing a domain name is a very important decision so do it carefully. It is going to stick with you for a long time.

Customer Support

Personal plan entitles you for email and live chat support if you run into issues. The Happiness Engineers are true to their titles. I had to chat on a couple of occasions and I always got the required support.
  • No Ads: There are no WordPress Ads with a Personal or a higher plan. If you are on a Free plan and upgrade to Personal plan, they are removed. So you get more control over your blog. 
  • Storage space: The storage space is 6GB - double of Free Plan so you can upload more images and documents. It is sufficient for most of the bloggers' need.

End Note

To make a long story short, Personal Plan is the minimum you should eye for. Though it lacks some of the features WordPress is popular for, it is suitable for bloggers who don’t need advanced features. The Personal plan is immediately next to the Free plan and the lowest among paid plans. It offers very important features essential for a blogger. To cover the these advanced features, I will talk about the Premium and Business Plans in the next episodes. Please find link to Episode 11: WordPress Premium Plan. Thanks for being with me that far. Enjoy!

✧ Disclaimer: My blog posts include reviews of tools and products helpful for bloggers and have affiliate links. In this post, it is I have used and tested them before writing a review here. I earn commission if you buy a paid version using them. Rest assured, it doesn’t cost you extra and you pay the same price and helps me to fund the costs and time spent on my blog and site. Thanks for using them!

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