Discover Blogging: Episode 5 | The best blog site?

Making a choice of the platform for blogging or your site, in the context of your future plans, is the most important factor to avoid surprises or roadblocks later. In episodes 3 (Popular CMSs) and 4 (Google Blogger), we dealt with the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and their suitability for an individual blogger. Making choice of a blogging platform is a very important step for those who want to build their blog or site to develop into an online business to earn a regular income from it.

Online Business

Starting a blog or building a website is one thing and building an online business is another. In fact, building a site or blog is one of the simplest tasks, thanks to the availability of so many website builders (WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, etc.) and I have covered the most popular ones in previous posts.

By ‘Online business’, I don’t mean an online store or something like creating, manufacturing or producing your own stuff and selling it. Though these are online business too, but I am not talking about any of them.

Internet Solo Entrepreneurs

I was referring to an online business which is feasible for one single person like you and me to do and manage... a person who has an idea to start with and passion, determination and motivation to follow through it but doesn’t have the strength and support of a team or organisation. S/he is basically her/ his own boss, running and managing it all alone typical of a solo entrepreneur or solopreneur. Yes, there are internet solopreneurs who are successful and have profitable business online.

Puzzling GRQ Schemes

Of course, there is work involved and a solopreneur needs the right tools, techniques and guidance which possibly have been used by the ones who have made it to the top. Unfortunately, internet is ripe with plethora of Get Rich Quick (GRQ) schemes and interestingly, many of them are very convincing. This area in the online world has so much noise… may be because millions of people are exploring alternative or non-conventional career options and many others as an opportunity for part-time income. There is such high demand and all kind of people and organisations have popped to take advantage due to which it’s not easy to find one’s way through infinite offerings and noise without danger of falling for the wrong stuff resulting in loss of money and more importantly precious time and spirit. That’s where the informed and tested advice has a role to play and the posts like these help and show the right direction.


I have found to be an easy-to-use and flexible CMS platform to meet the online business requirements for most of internet solo entrepreneurs. It offers an eco-system for bloggers where they can interact, collaborate and reach audience.

Using the WordPress tools and support system, several bloggers have built enduring online businesses at un-matchable rates and levels of success. Of course, just learning WordPress isn't sufficient and you have to learn the rules of the trade like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, advertising, leveraging social media, etc. In the next episode 6: WordPress, we will start looking into its aspects. Thanks again for being with me. Enjoy!

✧ Disclaimer: My blog posts include reviews of products and tools helpful for bloggers and have affiliate links. In this article, it is I have used and tested these products before writing a review here. I earn commission if you buy a paid version using them. Rest assured, it doesn’t cost you extra and you pay the same price and helps me to fund the costs and time spent on my blog and site. Thanks for using them!
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