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Taking a cue from the previous episode (Episode 5: The best blog site), let us start our discussion about WordPress. Basics of WordPress before we go and start one. For a casual blogger doing it for fun, Google Blogger or are equally good. WordPress is an excellent platform for those who want to build their blog or site an online business and earn a regular income from it. Please refer to the previous episode where I wrote about WordPress being part of an online business building solution which comprises of many areas besides your blog or site including marketing, advertising and social media. You need to be the experimenter curious to learn the process of online business building through hit and trial. You should have the luxury of time as the process takes its own time. Let me delve into the nitty-gritties of how to start a personal blog oneself.

Recap: Blogging Platforms

To recap, we compared world’s most popular publishing platforms: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to conclude in the end that WordPress is the most popular in the CMS space (primarily for Blogging). WordPress is easy to use and does not require technical skills. And that makes it the top choice for beginners in the blogging world.

We also discussed Google Blogger which is strictly a personal blogging platform and its limitations. Incidentally, I have my blog published on Blogger. “Why didn’t I start out with a WordPress blog instead?” is part of a long story which I discussed at length in the About Me section of my blog. I was aware of WordPress and interested in it for a long time. So when the time came to start a new project, I opted for WordPress:


For somebody like me not new to creating websites and blogging, starting all over again on a new platform like WordPress was a breeze of fresh air. It was exciting of course, but not without challenges. But the best part was: there was an entire ecosystem around WordPress which let me find my way through these challenges…

I am not a web-designer or web-based programming wizard. Rather I want to use my time to focus on my niche, my content and refrain from coding and adding various functionalities and features. But I have a knack for it and find it very interesting so it was very hard to hold myself back because I understand learning web-development has a learning curve and is a time consuming affair and it’s not advisable to do so just to build one web-site!

But it doesn’t mean WordPress doesn’t offer you that capability, if you are fond of web-technologies and want to get your hands dirty with bits and pieces of HTML, CSS, etc. there are 2 flavors of WordPress: and ! It’s just not the difference in domain names (org Vs com) but a lot more. provides you free software and you have full freedom to build and enhance your blog/ website in every possible way within the confines of the software capabilities itself.

End Note

In the next episode (episode 7: Vs, you will find more details about Vs so that it is easy for you to make a choice. Thanks for stopping by! Leave comment below if you have any questions...

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