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From our discussion in previous episode (Episode 7: Vs, we concluded that is an easy, time-efficient and secure way for a beginner. I suggest you to complete the below preparatory work before you go ahead and create your blog or website. Let me cover a few points before you start so that you are ready with the required information to run through the process of creating your blog smoothly. Though nothing you do at this stage is cast in stone but it’s always good to begin with the end in mind.

What is your Goal?

What do you want to achieve? To help you visualise that, let me take help of the description of what you may want to accomplish, from the WordPress homepage. So I am reproducing it here verbatim:
Design your success story with a powerful website: Every website starts with an idea. provides the design, features, and support to bring it to life. Choose your theme, pick a domain, select a plan, and start building your future.
Create your blog and share your voice: Plug into the biggest community of publishers online. has millions of users waiting to find you. All the features you need and more. Choose the most popular blogging software on the web for your online home.

So if you have a specific purpose like building an online business, website is the right choice. It’s a common observation that the niche sites (focusing on a specific topic like fitness, relationships, self-management, etc.) are better than blogs from earning an income perspective. But again, this is a general rule and not cast in stone.

Your Site title and Tagline

By taking time and choosing a creative site title and tagline, make your blog reflect your personal flair, set context for your blog and communicate the idea behind.

Your About page

When your reader likes your post, the next thing s/he most likely will do is head to your About page. It’s one of the most visited pages of your blog. So take your time to write a compelling ‘About’ page.

Your Homepage

If you want to publish a blog, it is not required as your homepage is the stream of your posts. If you are looking for a web­site, you need this page and therefore some content here. You can try to write a draft about the goal or objective of your website... basically, what you want to achieve from this and how it can help others.

Your First Post

Not sure! Try to write an introduction of what your blog (and future posts) is going to be about. You can try to identify the audience you want to connect to and address them here.

Keep the above pieces handy, if possible. offers plenty of themes (more than 350) to choose from for any type of business, portfolio, or blog. If you create your site with at least this much content, you will be able to see and evaluate the theme more clearly.

Armed with this info, you can go ahead and create your WordPress blog or site by going to homepage and follow easy steps. You can start with a Free plan and may choose any of the plans based on your need mentioned below.

WordPress Plan

WordPress offers 4 plans: Free ($0/Month), Personal ($3/Month), Premium ($8.25/Month) and Business ($24.92/Month). If you go with a Free plan, you can choose a sub-domain like and can’t have a custom domain like For that, you need to upgrade to at least Personal Plan. You can choose plan as per your need.

End Note

Next, in episode 9: Best WordPress Plan, I will discuss more about the's  4 plans and what can you do with them. Thanks for stopping by!

✧ Disclaimer: My blog posts include reviews of tools and products helpful for bloggers and have affiliate links. In this post, it is I have used and tested these products before writing a review here. I earn commission if you buy a paid version using them. Rest assured, it doesn’t cost you extra and you pay the same price and helps me to fund the costs and time spent on my blog and site. Thanks for using them!

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