Hey, this is MK Bhanu and you can call me Mukesh. I am a tech-blogger and internet marketer. I started my blogging journey in 2011 and am a passionate personal blogging and internet marketing hobbyist now. I love to share my excitement and experience which can be helpful for other bloggers or inspire people to leverage the internet for showcasing their professional skills… or creative expression of their hobbies… or blogging for money or whatever they think is important to them :-)

As far as my SAP credentials are concerned, I am a certified SAP ABAP Consultant in Netweaver Environment and working in the area of SAP for more than a decade. During these years, I worked for the global consulting companies for many American and European clients supporting and/ or implementing various SAP solutions. In this blog, I talk about: The ERP Concept | SAP Server Access | SAP Training | SAP Certification | Recommended Books | Online Resources. All my articles or any news or event I report here are based on my own opinions and best to my knowledge. There is no insider view neither I have any such access.

This blog is actually a remnant (to be precise) of an earlier web-site which I migrated to Google Blogger. To read the whole story, you can visit my web-site's About page.

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