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Awesome ! It is possible to create blog full of features without any knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

In recent years, the technology has gone beyond a point where it’s no more required to learn them to create blog or web-site. Thanks to these developments, there are many blogging tools and techniques available now. Many of them are free.

Despite of that writing the About page wasn’t easy, I wrote and rewrote and rewrote. Because blogging is personal and the bloggers are passionate about their story, I had to write it from a fresh and personal perspective.

In brief…

For those of you who don't know me, I am MK Bhanu. You can call me Mukesh. I am a technology blogger and internet marketer. I started my blogging journey in year 2011. I am a passionate personal blogging and internet marketing hobbyist now. I love to share my excitement and experience which can be helpful for other bloggers or inspire people to leverage the internet for showcasing their professional skills… or creative expression of their hobbies… or blogging for money or whatever they think is important to them :-)

The Story Behind…

Like you and all bloggers, I have a story… a story with my lessons. And when I had to write the About page, I thought it to be the appropriate place to share it. I hope my trials and lessons are helpful in your blogging journey.

A Brief History

In year 2011, besides my day job, I was exploring the possibilities available online, something which I could do from the comfort of my home or anywhere for that matter. After a few weeks of research, I kick-started my website themed on ERP software. I was working as an ERP consultant with a global consulting company.

In a few months, I had a functional website and I was engaging on social media, researching keywords, writing articles, and a lot more.

In 2012, I decided to monetize and started earning some income from Google Adsense (displaying ads on my website) and Amazon (by referring my audience to them) as its affiliate.

I realized at this point that I didn’t have much avenues for income except Google Adsense and Amazon due to the nature of the topic I chose for my website. I felt worn-out too. I started on a topic because I knew about it but I wasn’t really passionate about it.

Partially because I lost much of my interest due to these reasons and also because I got busy with my work and life, the website was lying cold for a year or so.

I later decided to move it to a blog changing my domain name, which turned out to be a wrong move because I lost all my search engine rankings for various keywords. But I wasn’t bothered about it as I didn’t want to build further on this.

My Lesson

In hindsight, it’s easy to figure it out. It needs wisdom to foresee and act. I lacked clear goals and strategy. I kind of acted randomly. Internet is an enormous source of information and It’s too easy to get overwhelmed.

On the front of monetizing, I know now Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate were the least effective ways of earning from a website and I plan to write about it in some post. Setting up things online is part of a well thought-out strategy to achieve clear goals.

New Vision

All these years, I was exploring ways and information about personal blogging tools, creating websites, and internet marketing.

With the passage of time, it dawned on me I was passionate about blogging and websites. I was equipped, due to years of exploration, with knowledge of resources and the blogging tools.

I grew aware how this knowledge can be helpful for anyone trying to create personal blog and facing the same questions and problems which I faced. And this is what I am here for !

Join And Stay Connected

This new vision inspires the mission statement for this space:
Share information and advise about crucial resources for your Blogging needs and continue to explore to expand horizons of my knowledge in this pursuit.
Toward this endeavour, I have published an e-book “A Beginner's Guide to Blogging and Creating Websites” for absolute beginners with valuable information on the blogging resources. If you are a beginner and looking forward to start a personal blog or create a website, you can subscribe to get your Free copy of the book as well as Free email updates to keep you growing:

For any questions, drop me a mail on my personal email me@mkbhanu.com. Thank you for your interest in this space. Wish you All the Best in your endeavours!

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